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Wallpaper for bathroom

Wallpaper for bathroom

Betting on the wallpaper in the decoration is something that undoubtedly makes all the difference. And one of the great places for you to put it is in the bathroom. After all, this is a space that most of the time people do not bet on a decoration. So using wallpaper can be an excellent option to enhance the environment.

Although using the wallpaper in the environment is an easy thing most of the time people tend to have some doubts about its use.

This is because depending on the wallpaper you are going to use, you must have certain attention in the composition of the environment. So, it is important that you pay attention to this to make a beautiful decoration.

So for people who have some doubts about how to use the wallpaper in the bathroom, I brought some amazing tips and models for you to get inspired. See the full article below!

Main advantages of wallpaper

Analyzing the advantage of a particular item is a key step in ensuring that it is really what you need. And most of the time people end up not doing that and in the end, they regret having bought a certain thing.

So, in this article, I decided to separate the main advantages of using wallpaper in the decoration that will help you decide if this is really what you want to put in your bathroom. Look:


To begin with, it is very important to highlight that the wallpaper in the bathroom brings such practicality to the environment. This is because at first, this is a very simple option for you to enhance your decor without any difficulty. That is, you just need to buy a wallpaper of your choice and it will make all the difference in space.

In addition, we can highlight that applying wallpaper is very easy. So you don’t need to know any kind of technique to do this. The big secret is that you look for some videos to see how to apply and do it at home without any complications.

Increase the decor

The next advantage of using wallpaper in decoration is that it increases the ambiance. So as I mentioned, once you use this paper it will make all the difference in your bathroom in a very simple way.

Therefore, for those who are finding the bathroom or any other very basic room, I suggest you bet on the wallpaper. So I’m sure you will be able to make an incredible decoration.


The last advantage that I separated is the fact that it is economical. The price of the wallpaper can vary a lot with the model and the place you are going to buy it. But in any case, it remains a very economical type of material.

This happens because when you bet on wallpaper you end up paying for a much cheaper price than if you created a decoration on the wall for example. So if you are going to do a painting, drawing or even texture it comes out at a price more expensive than that. In this way, it becomes a very economical item.

Wallpaper in the bathroom can get wet?

It is very common for people to have doubts about the use of wallpaper in the bathroom. This is due to the fact that because it is a role, the question arises as to whether it can be kept in a totally humid place.

However, currently, you find countless wallpapers with the most different types of materials. Thus, there are wallpapers that can be used in the bathroom, but you need to have this attention when buying.

So the first step is to look for more resistant wallpapers. One suggestion is to bet on vinyl wallpaper, as it is more resistant, making it ideal for the bathroom.

In addition, it is very important to note that although this type of paper is more resistant it cannot be receiving water all the time. That is, you can use the wallpaper in the bathroom but you need to be careful. Because if you always wet it, it can end up spoiling much more easily. Thus, the idea is to use it in the sink area.

Wallpaper price

For those who have not used the wallpaper at home, you may have some doubts about its price. But this is something that will vary a lot, as it will depend on the material, model and size. However, for you to be aware, a common wallpaper you find for approximately R $ 15.00 is the subway.

Therefore, my suggestion is that you look for the price in several stores close to your home and on the internet. So that you can buy wallpaper at a very friendly price.

But after all, can wallpaper wash?

Some people often have questions about cleaning the wallpaper. After all, due to the type of material, it is not recommended to have contact with water, as I mentioned above. That way, you cannot wash the wallpaper, but there is a very practical way to clean it.

In addition, in the case of wallpaper in the bathroom, it is common for it to be more easily stained. Thus, it is necessary to have a specific form of cleaning to keep it always clean. So to clean the wallpaper you will need some very practical materials. See chias:

  • Bucket;
  • Soap;
  • Soft cloth.

Once you have gathered these materials, you will first need to dust the paper with a dry cloth. After this step, it is necessary to make a solution with soap and water, when it is ready, you just dip the cloth, leave it moist and apply it on the wall. So I am sure that you will guarantee an excellent cleaning.

Colorful papers

For those who like to make the environment more fun you can also bet on the colorful wallpaper. This is because when you put lots of colors in the environment, you end up bringing more joy to the space. In view of this, it is very interesting that you put this model as well.

In addition, it is necessary to highlight that the people who use this model in the decoration need a little attention. Because it is colorful, it can happen to leave the environment somewhat exaggerated. But the secret is to pay attention to the other elements that will compose the environment.

Neutral wallpaper decoration

The next option is neutral wallpaper, which is a model that looks beautiful in space and is simpler to use. After all, the cool thing about using a neutral tone in space is the fact that it is simpler to decorate. So for those who have more questions about this, this is an excellent opportunity for you to bet.

In addition, using a neutral wallpaper allows you to bet on other more daring items in the decoration. Because unlike you use a more colorful one, with this it is possible to place colorful items or with a more elaborate design. Because these two compositions will fit together without leaving a heavy environment.

Simple wallpaper

In addition to the more daring models, we also find the clean wallpaper. This is a really cool option for the bathroom as it is simple, it makes the space more peaceful and pleasant.

In addition, when you choose a simpler wallpaper, you are much more likely to abuse the decor. So you can always keep your bathroom in balance leaving the environment very pleasant.

So for those who like something more basic, it is worth betting on this model. There are several types that you can find so the ideal is to find the one that best suits your needs.

With flowers

Papers with flowers are very common and look just beautiful in the bathroom. In addition, the good thing about choosing a paper of this pattern is that it brings peace and tranquility to the bathroom.

Another interesting thing to highlight is that you also find models with various types of prints that you can use. And in addition to wallpapers with flowers, you can also find them with countless other species of plants. So the idea is to choose the one you like best and that matches your decor.

Delicate wallpaper template

The next option is the delicate wallpapers that also look beautiful in the bathroom. The difference of this model for the clean is that the delicate one has curves and fine shapes and with great spacing. This makes the role even more interesting.

Although using simple models gives you the possibility to dare in other items, this one is cooler with few objects. This is because this paper already gives an idea of ​​simple and delicate decoration. This way it is nice to keep this pattern in the decor so that it looks very nice and pleasant.

Type of modern wallpaper

Nowadays the size of paper models that we find are immense, but the cool thing about this is with you think for any style of decoration. So among the countless paper models, you can find it is also possible to find modern ones. In fact, this is a style of decoration that is very popular today.

The modern look papers have neutral colors and little prints as the main characteristics. The idea is to use one that has some very delicate geometric shapes making the space more pleasant.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that modern decorations bet a lot on straight lines. So it’s interesting that you avoid putting paper that has a lot of curves and circles. In this way, the more modern you find it, the better it will be for your decoration.


Those who do not like to dare so much and prefer to stay in the common roles can bet on the traditional ones. These are those models that we always find in decorations and that are very pleasant in the environment.

For example, polka dot and stripe wallpapers are very traditional. But of course, they are still in the bathroom and it can be an excellent way for you to increase the space.

A suggestion for this model is to place the stripes on the main wall of the space. In addition, it would look cooler if you used the blue stripes in a pastel tone. Because blue refers to health, cleanliness and water, so it is ideal for this space.

And as for pastel tones, because it is basic it will not make the bathroom too exaggerated. Then you will have a clean and pleasant space.

Thematic papers

The next wallpaper that I separated is the thematic ones, being ideal for those who love to emphasize the environment. So today you find models that have some designs related to the bathroom. In view of this, this can be an excellent way for you to highlight the space and make it fun.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that because these papers are more stamped you must be very careful with their use. After all, the idea is to put only in a small part of the bathroom so as not to get too exaggerated. So be very aware of that too.

Images for you to be inspired!

Flowers wallpaper

Simple bathroom with beige wallpaper

Green foliage wallpaper

Rocker decoration with skull wallpaper

Bathroom with blue wallpaper

Gray wallpaper with flowers

Floral and mirror wallpaper template

Simple decoration with 3D effect wallpaper

Bathroom with abstract wallpaper

Brown decor with abstract wallpaper

Bathroom with blue accents

Brown paper with leaf design

Bathroom decor with black and white paper

Clean bathroom with zen details

Gray wallpaper template with white

White bathroom with blue brick wallpaper

Brown decoration with striped paper

Wall mirror with plain white paper

Mirror in the bathroom with gray paper

Paper with horizontal stripes

Sophisticated gray decor with large mirror

Bathroom with colorful details

 Neutral decor in the bathroom

Blue wallpaper with white details

Yellow retro decor with white accents

Sophisticated bathroom with lighted sink

White furniture in the bathroom and blue details

Sophisticated bathroom with black and white paper

Vintage bathroom with decorative dishes

Neutral decor with lamp

Decoration with red in the bathroom

Red and white bathroom decor

Victorian style bathroom with brown accents


Pink sink and orchid in decoration

White luxury bathroom

Pink bathroom with details on the main wall

Rustic decor with plants in the bathroom

Bathroom with round mirror and blue details

Bathroom with wooden furniture and round mirror

Themed wallpaper with bathroom designs

Vintage decoration with mirror on the wall

Modern dark bathroom with decorated half wall

Pastel blue wall and white furniture

Themed decor with world map on the wall

Decoration of triangles on the wall

Themed decoration and plant in the bathroom

Bathroom cabinet and pink details

Sophisticated bathroom with details on the wall

Wood on the wall and illuminated inlaid niches

Details on the bathroom wall

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