Electrolux Dryer Stopped Spinning

Electrolux Dryer Stopped Spinning. Your dryer is a staple in your household. It’s a tool that can get you through those extremely busy weeknights and help you dole out the chores for less time.

But like all machines, it has its own limitations.

A lot of people don’t realize that there are actually many reasons why their dryer won’t spin or complete a task as expected otherwise but have no fear.

We’ve compiled some of the most common problems one may face from time to time when trying to carry on with their normal washing routine. Here’s why Electrolux dyers might not spin.

Electrolux Dryer Stopped Spinning

electrolux dryer stopped spinning

If the drum is worn out, the drum won’t rotate properly. To determine if the drum needs replacing, remove the belt from the dryer and rotate it by hand.

If it moves roughly or unevenly, with an irregular motion, or is stiff and tight, see if there are any holes in between the rollers (support rollers) that must be replaced to ensure they turn freely again.

The following are some issues Electrolux dryers have when they stop spinning.

Control Board For Dryness

The dryness control board is seldom to blame when a washer breaks down. Usually, the culprit is one of the other electrical components on the main control board.

Before replacing the control board, check all intermittent devices and wiring on the electronic control system.

If you determine that all of these other parts are working properly, replace the dry away level sensor in order for your machine to work properly again.

Issue With Drive Motor

The drive motor turns the drum and the blower wheel to exhaust the air. If the dryer seems to stop briefly then begin again, this likely points to the heat of the engine causing the unit to shut off so as to not overheat until it cools down enough.

First, remove the belt from the motor and check for any obstructions in the blower wheel. Then try rotating the drum by hand if it doesn’t turn freely, then look into what’s binding it up.

If it rotates freely but still won’t heat up properly, that’s a clear sign of a faulty heating element within your dryer’s engine which will need replacing.

Drum Rollers That Are Worn

drum rollers that are worn

Most dryers have two rotating drums in the rear, and some dryers also have two on the front.

If a dryer drum is not spinning freely, it means that the motor is taking too much heat because there’s friction between the drum and any drum bearings installed to help it rotate.

In order to know if your drum or drums are worn out, you must examine them for wear and tear.

If even one of the rollers harmlessly fails to turn freely within its own cylindrical shell, replace it as soon as possible with a new bearing tool in order to avoid overheating your motor and potentially damaging other parts of the device.

Drum Bearing Cause

drum glides

The drum bearing supports the rear of a dryer drum. Over time, this bearing wears out.

If the drum bearing is worn out, it might put too much strain on the motor which could result in your dryer stopping mid-cycle.

To determine if it’s the problem, you must remove the belt and test run your machine to see if there are any issues associated with a friction issue.

So before replacing your drum bearing be sure to check and make note of how hard it is to manually spin as well as listen for excessive noise issues like squeaking or grinding sounds.

Roller Axles Worn

If the drum’s roller axles are worn out, the drum rollers won’t spin freely, causing the dryer to stop.

While you’re checking to see if the drum rollers need replacing, don’t forget to check that your drum roller axles aren’t disintegrating and breaking down.

If the roller wobbles, it means that your axle is heading off or has done so already, meaning it’s time to replace not only those wheels but also swap out your entire axle with a new one.

Drum Glides Worn

The drum glides are small plastic supports attached to the spinning plate that holds the washing machine drum.

The weight of the spinning drum causes it to drag along these glides, which if worn down too much,

can cause a jam in washing machine components and can worsen your hydraulic system. Inspect them for wear and improve them as needed.

Bearings For Drum Supports

The drum bearing supports the rear of the dryer drum and is what allows the dryer drum to spin freely, like on a swing.

Over time, this bearing wears out and the large turning force created from rotating the drum mid-cycle can cause the motor to fail if not replaced before it reaches this point.

To determine if your dryer’s drum bearing needs to be replaced, remove the dryer belt and pull on the rear of the dryer drum to see if it spins quickly and smoothly by hand.

If you hear a lot of noise as well as certain grinding or squealing noises and find that it’s hard to turn by hand, replace your drum bearing immediately.

This should stop any troubles with your drying cycles and keep your clothing properly dried.

Electrolux Dryer Stopped Spinning

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