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With features and articles that provide a wealth of information, as well as forums to engage with other homeowners working on similar projects, Housetipper makes it easy for users to take on even the most complex home improvement tasks.

Our Housetipper goal is to save your money by showing you how to fix your own household items and appliances yourself. We have photographed and written thousands of repair or fix tutorials on hundreds of different products. Our expertise is passed on to you in every article we write.

The goal of our website is to show you how easy and inexpensive it can be to perform simple repairs on your own. DIY is a new way, and we live by it.

We have years of combined experience repairing every type of appliance and household item that you can imagine. We are here to pass on our experience with your use, so please feel free to browse and take advantage of this resource when needed.

Our goal is to ensure that everyone who visits us finds what they need quickly and easily, so we try our best to lay our step-by-step instructions so the reader knows exactly what needs doing even if they’re not familiar with a specific model.

And most all repair methods have pictures accompanying them as well. We write articles in an easy-to-understand manner so anyone can learn how to repair their own items.

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You can’t fix everything by yourself. And that is where we come into play as professionals who know how to handle themselves well in a large variety of fields, not just your specialty. The more you can consult outside resources, the more efficiently things will go when it comes down to handling business matters.


Repair just about anything in your home. With our DIY guides, you’ll learn the top methods to fix common household items and complete larger projects. Some great examples of situations where you might need them to include replacing a broken coffee maker, Dishwasher, Washing machine, ice makers, Dryers, lawn movers installing new tile flooring, or working with a plumber to fix problems with your garbage disposal.

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Jim is an editor and writer located in Maine. His work has appeared in USA Today, Motherboard, Wirecutter, Reviewed, and The Huffington Post, among others. He enjoys cooking and playing music and serves as a consulting editor for housetipper.

He helps people fix things around their homes by serving as a guide for what products are most suited to their needs.

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Zoe is the type of person you want to have cooking for your friends and family. She’s a test specialist from Boston with a background in writing about food, kitchen items, and appliances.

She has helped many online businesses write product descriptions that sell by ensuring customer reviews are as unbiased as possible.

In her role at Housetipper, she is a consulting editor who checks every single item under review to ensure they’re ranked fairly and accurately.

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Amateur cook and health enthusiast, Luna knows first-hand the challenges most people face when trying to start and maintain a healthy diet.

As she realized things get better in the kitchen over time, Luna found to share her experience with others to help them stay inspired as well as help them keep on track.

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Therefore, it’s important to be in constant communication with your team members or do research on the internet so that you can avoid as many mistakes as possible especially since some of them may result in extensive damage (to property, people or animals) depending on the circumstance.

It’ll also help if you have a contingency plan for those cases where things don’t go according to plan.

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