How To Identify Shower Valve Manufacturer

How To Identify Shower Valve Manufacturer. The first decision you’ll have to make is whether you want to go with a dependable brand or one with a more general design.

The advantage of the second choice is that it is frequently easier to replace yourself, requiring far less effort when it comes to installing new parts.

The issue is that in an older system, such universal fonts may not appear as attractive.

You should take your time while shopping for a shower valve replacement for your bathroom, paying particular attention to the design of your present handle. Before you replace your present shower faucet, remember to take out some of the parts.

How To Identify Shower Valve Manufactureridentify shower valve manufacturer

We discuss how to identify the manufacturer of a shower valve here.

Logos Of Manufacturers

There are a variety of ways to identify the manufacturer or supplier of your shower valve, including checking for the company’s emblem or name on any faucet handles, escutcheons, spouts, or ornamental rings.

If you have a specific model number, you may check to see if it has the equivalent model number on the inside of a handle so that it can be verified by just looking under adequate light.

By Verifying Trim Plate

Let’s begin with the trim plate. Look at the trim plate next to the showerhead. We’ll look at where your bathroom faucet originated from and how it functions. You’ll need to figure out how to select which Moen cartridge is right for your faucet.

Look for the letter “M” on the trim plate, which might indicate a Moen product. Any other commercially available faucet would suffice. Trim plates usually include their brand’s initials on them.

By Taking Measurements

When it comes to determining the sort of shower valve you have in front of you, the dimensions linked with the measures may help a lot.

These measurements aid in determining precise data about the goods, such as where it came from and when it was created, or which model you are dealing with at home.

If you’re changing your shower valves for the first time, this is critical information that you should write down before leaving the house.

Final Thoughts

You’ll need to visit a few local plumbing supply stores to identify the proper shower valve manufacturer depending on your present part.

Some shops can place orders based on the brand and part number of your goods. Most plumbers, on the other hand, attempt to work with a variety of parts from various manufacturers.

If your exact component isn’t available, you can buy a similar product with a different spline count or handle type.

In other words, if one store is unable to give the precise unit needed for plumbing repair, don’t be disheartened there may be another nearby that will be able to meet all of your needs. You won’t know for sure till you try it.

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