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Summer colors

Summer 2021 colors: stay on top of the trending palette

The end of the year has arrived and the thinking is already in 2021, especially when it comes to trends in architecture, decoration and fashion. Everyone wants to know: what color palette is going to rock next year?

Pantone, the company behind the main color studies in the world, released a report with the main color trends for 2021. It also annually elects the “color of the year” that directly influences all areas of design.

Summer 2021 Color Palette

According to Pantone Color Institute , Pantone’s color consulting and trend forecasting division, the year 2021 will be marked by shades drawn from nature that reinforce the desire for flexible shades that work all year round.

The study presents the 10 colors that stand out the most, as well as the current versions of the five classic colors:

Pantone palette of the 10 most outstanding colors

• Marigold (PANTONE 14-1050): A golden orange with yellowish touches that transmits heat.
• Cerulean (PANTONE 15-4020): A blue that refers to the sky when it is clean and serene.
• Rust (PANTONE 18-1248) : An earth-inspired rust tone, emblematic of autumn leaves.
• Illuminanting (PANTONE 13-0647): An optimistic yellow, associated with the joy of a sunny day.
• French Blue (PANTONE 18-4140): A blue that resembles a setting in Paris in spring.
• Green Ash (PANTONE 13-0117): A calming minty green.
• Burnt Coral (PANTONE 16-1529): A choral tone that evokes sociability and hospitality.
• Mint (PANTONE 16-5938): A green that conveys a feeling of freshness.
• Amethist Orchid (PANTONE 17-3628): A floral color between amethyst and orchid.
• Raspberry Sorbet (PANTONE 18-2043): A stimulating raspberry tone.

Among the undertones are shades of cream, sand, gray and deep blue.

Pantone's 5 Dark Color Palette

• Inkwell (PANTONE 19-4016): An almost black blue, deep and intense.
• Ultimate Gray (PANTONE 17-510): A discreet, confident gray that inspires courage.
• Buttercream (PANTONE 11-0110): A casual and simple to use off-white.
• Desert Mist (PANTONE 14-1127): A tone reminiscent of the unpredictable movement of sand.
• Willow (PANTONE 16-0632): A green associated with mystery.

Color of the year – 2021

Two colors were chosen to represent the coming year: PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray and PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating. According to the brand, the combination of colors brings the message of strength and hope, both eternal and inspiring.

Palette of the two colors chosen for 2021

Ideas to get inspired 

Staying on top of trends for the coming year is a way to plan and better take advantage of the options that the market will offer. Here we have some examples of how to apply some of the tones chosen by Pantone in the decoration.

• Earth tones

Earthy tones such as Rust should continue to be a hot spot in interior decorating. They have the ability to bring nature close to us and harmonize very well with the decoration of the bedrooms, living room and various other environments. It is ideal for those who want a neutral and less overloaded atmosphere.

But it is also possible to make the space more modern, with touches of color. A golden orange, such as Marigold, on pillows, puffs and objects, for example, can be a good complement to earthy tones.

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Tegra Vila Carrão Development

• Vibrant colors

With the most vibrant colors from the 2021 summer palette, such as Illuminanting, French Blue, Amethist Orchid and Mint, you can experiment with shade combinations and play with nuances to make the decor elegant and full of character.

When combined with quality materials and coatings, furniture and accessories with good finishes and finishes, and durable natural fiber fabrics, stronger colors can bring sophistication to the room, with a modern touch and even add drama.

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In a room decorated in more closed tones, such as Inkwell – an almost black, deep and intense blue, a vibrant patterned rug can inject energy into the space and give it a more contemporary feel. With common sense, it is possible to mix up references that might initially appear to be incompatible.

Another idea is to use the dark walls as a background to further enhance the profusion of bright colors in the furniture. This also works with a light background if the intention is to have less visual impact but still make the objects stand out. Buttercream color, an off-white, is a good choice.

Coral was heavily used in decorations in 2019 and now promises to return in 2021, with Burnt Coral, according to Pantone. This hue manages to be vibrant and yet smooth. Warm, the color conveys a welcoming feeling and helps to create versatile environments with ease.

 • Colored ceiling

Colors need not only be used for walls, furniture and objects. The colored ceilings are an interior bet that provides an incredible effect in the decoration of the rooms. For those who still don’t want to risk painting with a strong color, a good tip is to start with a softer tone, like Desert Mist, for example, which is a sand nuance. To complement the composition, neutral colors, such as Ultimate Grey, guarantee a visual refreshment.


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