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Simple Living Room

Simple Living Room: See more than 98 photos!

The decoration of a house is one of the strengths of the environments. Although this type of spending is high most of the time, it is possible to spend less and have simpler decorations. In addition, for those who prefer simpler styles there is no reason not to decorate that way. The simple living room is an example of this preference that should be explored at different times.

To decorate an environment in a simple way, it is necessary to have a balance between the quantity of objects, the quality of the decoration and, mainly, the available budget. A simple decoration requires most of the time a lot of creativity and reuse of objects that already exist. In addition, simple decoration almost always uses a mixture of styles to compose a single decoration. This mixture, however, is made in a very subtle and not purposeful way. It must be done spontaneously with the joining of available objects.

If you are on a low budget or still want to have a simple living room , read this post to the end to learn how to explore this type of decor. Here you will find everything you need to know to decorate your room with simple, reused and inexpensive elements. Check out all of our tips below and more than 98 photos to get inspired:

Colorful simple living room

To start, the first simple living room model that we separate is the colorful one. This alternative looks beautiful in the space, but it is important that you pay attention to the colors that you will put on so that it does not get too exaggerated.

There is a rule in the decoration that we call 60/30/10, this rule is summarized in 60% of the decoration of one color, 30% of another and 10% of one more. This rule helps you to choose the ideal colors for your room without getting too much.

So, if you want to make your living room colorful, choose one color to stand out and the others for just a few details in the decoration.

Traditional simple living room

The traditional living room is usually one that has a large sofa in the room, using earthy tones in the decoration and a TV panel. If you like this style of decoration, this is an alternative that you can bet too. The great advantage of this model is the fact that it is easier for you to find options to be inspired.

In addition, -as we quote- the ideal color palette for the traditional living room is with terrifying tones. So, ideally, you should opt for an earthy sofa, the TV panel in the same shade and some details in the decoration. As for the walls and floors, it would be interesting to bet on white, since you will not have any difficulty in decorating.

Living room with writing desk

Who works at home or needs a space for study, knows the need to have a desk. After all, this way you can concentrate better on your tasks and be able to carry out the process in the best possible way.

A great way to add a desk at home – if you don’t have a home office – is in the living room. In this case, you can take advantage of the vacant space in the environment to make your desk.

In addition, it is interesting to note that, it is not necessarily necessary to buy a table for this, you can simply buy a white wood and fix it on the wall.

Wallpaper in the living room

The use of wallpaper in the living room is a great way to make the decor more beautiful and pleasant. Today, there are a multitude of wallpapers that look beautiful in the environment.

When choosing, the tip is that you evaluate what is the style of decoration of the space, to choose a wallpaper that matches the decor.

For example, if you have an industrial living room, look for a brick wallpaper or one that looks like burnt cement .

Another important point that you cannot fail to evaluate is the color of the wallpaper. Remember that it needs to follow the same color as the rest of the room’s decor.

Living room with plants in the decor

In recent years, the use of plants in decoration has become quite common. For those who have doubts about its use indoors, there are several species of plants that are totally suitable indoors.

From this, another simple living room model is the room with plants. In this case, you can choose to put a coconut tree, a São Jorge sword, or some succulents scattered around the space.

A suggestion is that you look for some references of rooms with plants, because then, you will have some ideas on how to place the plants in the room and create a beautiful decoration.

Black wall in the living room

The use of black in the environment has become something more and more common. This is because black creates a look of exclusivity and sophistication in the environment. In addition, this color suit very well in industrial decorations. After all, in this style of decoration it is common to find black, gray and white in the environment.

If you are going to make the black wall in your house, be careful which wall you are going to perform this process on. Ideally, the black wall should be opposite the window. This is because if you leave the wall in front of the white window, it will illuminate the space, otherwise, the environment will be very dark.

Living room with shades of gray

Betting on gray in the living room is another very cool way for you to decorate it. The use of gray is easy to use, as it is a very neutral color and combines with numerous other options.

Today, there are several ways for you to bet on gray in the environment, which can be on the walls, objects or furniture. As gray is a very universal color, today, we can easily find gray furniture, making it more practical for you to create a composition in your living room.

In addition, if you want to bring a more modern decoration to the space, you can think of more creative ways of using gray. The burnt cement wall, for example, is a type of texture that creates an incredible look in space and whose main color is gray. So, use your creativity when decorating.

Small living room

Nowadays, it is very common to come across a small living room , especially when we buy ready-made apartments. Although this may seem like a very negative point, there are several ways you can create an incredible room, but with little space.

When composing the environment, the tip is that you choose small and functional furniture. For example, the small sofa bed, looks beautiful in the living room and is fully functional, since you can use it as a bed, and by pulling it makes the sofa more cozy.

In addition to this possibility, there are countless other ideas for furniture and small, functional objects. Try to use the walls too, so that you can leave ample space for circulation.

Pallet sofa in the living room

If you have a way to save and still bet on an incredible decoration, it is by creating a pallet sofa in the living room. The pallet sofa is nothing more than taking a pallet and turning it into a sofa. There are several ways to do this, in addition to the possibility to customize it and bring it closer to the style of your room.

The great advantage of betting on the pallet sofa, is that in addition to being very economical, it makes the living room much more cozy. This is because the pallet sofa is a type of furniture made entirely by hand, in addition to bringing a sense of comfort.

Living room with led sign

Using the led sign in the decoration is a very popular alternative lately, since it creates a modern look in the room. Today, there are a multitude of types of signs that you can use with a variety of phrase options. That way, you can place the sign above the sofa or in another corner of the room.

In addition, the cool thing about using the sign is that it makes the room much more fun and cozy. And for those who love to party at home, the sign also creates an incredible look at parties, especially at night.

A large rug in living room

Putting a rug in the room is something that also works well, because in addition to completing the decoration of the place, it makes the room more pleasant.

When choosing which rug to use, evaluate the style of decoration of the place and the colors present. This step is necessary, because the chosen color needs to make sense with the others in the place. In addition, you can also choose to use a patterned or plain rug. If your decor is more basic, the use of a patterned rug is very suitable. But if it is the other way around, we suggest the plain carpet so as not to have an exaggerated decoration in the place.

Pictures in the living room

Another item that helps to complete the decoration of the space and has a multitude of options are the tables. The cool thing about using frames is that you have several possibilities to use them. For example, the wall with multiple frames looks beautiful and you can add frames of different sizes that you like best.

For those who like a more minimalist environment, the use of picture frames on just one wall also works very well. At this stage it is important to follow the same tip that we suggest for the rug, assessing the decoration of the place and the presence of colors.

Coffee table in simple living room

Finally, the last model of living room that we separate is with the coffee table. So, like the other objects we mentioned today, there are such a variety of tables that you can place in the room.

The cool thing about its use is that in addition to the table, it is possible to use decorative objects above it that help in the decoration.

When choosing, use a table that is about the height of your sofa’s seat. After all, too small coffee tables are not very beautiful in the decoration.

As for the model and color, our suggestion is to use a simpler and more neutral table, to make it easier to use other decorative objects.

How to decorate the simple living room with crafts

But if you don’t want to spend money on decorative items, furniture and even finishes, make beautiful handicrafts to compose the simple living room. If you have mastered any craft technique that can be used to decorate the room, bet on that knowledge. Now, if you don’t know any kind of crafts it is never too late to start and maybe even get a taste for some technique.


Wooden crates

Just like the pallet, wooden crates are excellent for decorating an environment without spending too much. They can be used for various purposes, such as: shelves, shelves, coffee table, magazine door, among other options. The interesting thing about this type of craft is that the wooden crate provides several options to decorate a simple living room .

In this type of craft, it is important to sand, paint or coat the piece to suit the decoration of the room. On the internet you will find several decoration options to reuse this material in a simple living room.


Crochet pieces

The crochet technique is excellent for decorating living room pillows. Through the technique it is possible to decorate the pillow covers in a simple and very cheap way. But for that, you will need to understand a little bit of the technique. If you have a basic knowledge, making your own crochet pieces will be much easier. But if you still don’t know anything about the technique, you need to invest some time to get to know it.

With this technique it is also possible to make crochet table runners , which can be used to decorate the coffee table or even some outstanding furniture in the living room. The rack, side tables or shelves can receive this beautiful handicraft that will add a lot of beauty and personality to the environment.

Finally, regardless of the technique you use or the choice of decoration, the important thing is to reinvent yourself and be very creative. Creativity is the best way to decorate an environment in a very simple way. So, bet on personalized decorations to decorate your simple living room.

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