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Red and White Bathroom

Red and White Bathroom: +70 Photos and Ideas

The bathroom is usually a room in the house that we don’t pay much attention to, but it can be decorated to be charming, cozy and stylish. That’s when the idea of ​​making a red and white bathroom arises. The red color is beautiful, flashy and can make the environment more receptive and cheerful. White appears to balance the intensity and strength that space will gain.

If you want to renovate your bathroom and get away from the traditional, today’s text is for you. We have selected incredible tips and inspirations that will help you in the mission of building a cozy and very stylish place. Check out!

Strength of red

Red is a breathtaking color and can appear in the details or take center stage in your bathroom decor. But it is important to know everything it represents before investing in a project that it is part of.

First, red can end the monotony of an all-white bathroom, bringing warm and attractive touches to the space. It is also synonymous with elegance, style and a lot of shine.

In addition, it is an intense color, full of life, passion and will leave the room striking. It can be used on the floor, on the ceiling, on furniture, on crockery, on accessories and wherever your creativity dictates.

It is important to know that there are different shades of red, such as the most vivid, the most sober, the ones that pull towards pink, others more orange and some similar to burgundy.

Red Bathroom: Styles

Red is a primary color that can be used in different decorative styles, its versatility combines with modern, romantic, bohemian, retro and vintage trends.

A style that matches the color perfectly is minimalism, because the color already draws a lot of attention, so the less elements within the space, the less overloaded it will be

If the desire is for a romantic atmosphere, it is interesting that the red appears in details, such as rugs, curtains, accessories such as soap dishes. Nor can you miss ruffles, and combinations with other shades, such as gold.

Red and White Bathroom Tips

The red color has the ability to add bright and cheerful spots to any space. And when the environment is white, it arrives to make the look striking and full of life. See the red insertion tips we selected below:

Red Tablets

The red tablet in the bathroom will bring sophistication to the environment and can be applied in different ways, horizontally, vertically, on an entire wall, on the floor, filling the entire wall, in just one line. The result is a beautiful, modern and stylish place. And you can even add red furniture to complement the look.

Bathroom Options Decorated with Red and White

As red is a strong and very striking color, it is necessary to reflect on whether you want it to be predominant or to appear in a delicate way. If you choose the second option, apply the color in detail, such as accessories, such as the trash can, soap dish, tub, or decorative items.

If the color appears more, it can appear as a frieze on the wall, as a floor on the floor, painted ceiling, red furniture, wallpaper and even entirely red tiles.

Bathroom with Red and White Details

Red gives the feeling of luxury and refinement, changing the idea that the bathroom is a place that does not deserve glamor. The inserts on the wall achieve this function, the furniture in that color makes the bathroom elegant. Small accessories are also used to enhance the look of the space.

Red and white bathroom accessories and furniture

Red can be used as the right color for bathroom accessories, such as shampoo holders, soap dishes, curtains and rugs. It can also be the focal point of the bathroom, highlighting the environment, such as the sink, the toilet bowl or the countertop.

Red bathroom floor and wall tile

And to dare with a lot of style, red can be applied to the floor and coverings. Currently, there are numerous options of red tiles and porcelain, facilitating the mission of decorating the space with the right material.

70 photos of red and white bathrooms that are sensational

The idea of ​​having a red bathroom may seem strange because it deviates from the traditional one, but we guarantee that the result is wonderful. To inspire you and demystify this idea, we have selected beautiful, charming and charming designs that combine with the most diverse decorative styles. See below and open your mind!

1- Red tablets that go from the wall to the floor to balance with the rest of the white elements

red and white bathroom ideas

2- The bathtub and the white sink brought brightness to this bathroom with red walls

red and white bathroom ideas

3- The face of modernity is this bathroom with wide tiles in a more closed red with the rest of the elements in white and straight lines

4- The composition of elements in this space made this bathroom more elegant with natural touches and a retro footprint

5- To highlight the white furniture, invest in a red shelf, a tub in the same color and a soap dish

6- A fun composition calls for furniture that differs from the conventional and has cheerful and flashy colors, like this incredible red of the sink

7- So that the bathroom is not overloaded, invest in simpler elements, such as a colored tub, soap dishes and lozenges in the boxing area

8- If the entire wall is painted red, be careful when inserting elements, use a more neutral mirror and white furniture to balance

9- Look how amazing the idea of ​​bringing color to the bathroom using a red marble

10- There are several shades of red, like the one that pulls towards pink, known as cherry red and guarantees a more clean and modern look

11- As the entire space is clear and well lit, red can be used directly on the floor

12- In a red and white bathroom, gray can come in to bring sobriety and balance all colors

13- Black is also a color that looks amazing alongside red and white, and brings modern touches to your bathroom

14- Creativity should be your guide when creating such a small room with such vibrant colors

15- Half wall is super high and can be made with red inserts instead of paint

16- In large bathrooms, there is no problem that the floor, ceiling and walls are red, as long as the other elements are white

17- Create a mosaic with different shades of red for a more modern wall

18- One more idea of ​​how to insert red only in details and leave white as predominant in the space

19- This bathroom is the perfect mix between vintage and modern

20- Look how amazing this furniture adapted for the sink with a retro touch and the mixture of red and white

21- Sometimes, red may be present only in fabric, such as curtains and carpet

22- The center of attention is the sink in red, but if you look closely, you can see a delicate line in the same color inside the box. The wonderful is in the details

23- An entire white bathroom asks for a red carpet to be present

24- Combine the color of the niches with the suspended sink and the bowl to have a more harmonious corner

25- Did you know that doors don’t have to be traditional? Look how amazing this project with a red door

26- A touch of red in the closet to give a color point to this neutral bathroom

27- Decorative stairs are super high and look amazing inside the bathroom, even more matching the colors of the decoration

28- How about a single wall in red matching the color of the door to this bathroom with industrial decor?

29- The red sink makes all the difference in the environment with a lot of charm and elegance

30- Two different shades and styles of red within the same space

31- Look how amazing this composition of red and white tiles and tile in burnt cement, the face of modernity and creativity

32- This sink model won the universe of decoration and makes bathrooms beautiful and modern places

33- Attention to detail transforms bland environments into decorated and cheerful spaces

34- Straight lines, modernity and lots of color

35- Another suggestion of ample space with lots of red, but without overloading because it is a well-lit place

36- What about this inverted half wall? Perfect!

37- A delicate tablet on the wall and a creative wallpaper to put on the shelves, incredible, isn’t it?

38- Red is the main color of the environment, but it was not over thanks to the combination of colors, the clarity and lightness of white

39- Just a little bit to break the sobriety of this space

40- The inserts can be used to delimit spaces, as in this project that it marks the end of the cabinet

41- The entire sink top in red to make this bathroom even more modern

42- In this other example, the tactic was to make the red cabinet with the white top

43- Since the wall is red and darker, use LEDs to highlight the mirror and contribute to the lighting at night

44- In addition to the red sink, the bathtub finish is in the same color, making the space more elegant

45- The straight lines of this cabinet help to have the modern touch of the red color

46- But, depending on the application of color and furniture, it can contribute to the creation of a vintage decoration

47- In addition to the flashy and cheerful wallpaper, the ceiling was also painted red to have more unity in the space

48- With details, the red and white bathroom completely changes the look

49- Have you thought about having a red bathtub in your house?

50- Closed tones are synonymous with modernity

51- A combination that never fails is that of red, white and blue that resembles the navy style of decoration

52- The red bathroom brings a touch of femininity

53- Many elements, but which were carefully thought out so that the result was wonderful

54- Bath time is even more relaxing in such a beautiful bathroom

55- Another suggestion on how to use the red tablets only in the bath area

56- Even minimalist bathrooms can adopt the colors red and white

57- Here, red was used to divide the space between sink and box

58- The inverted half wall looks beautiful in bathrooms of all styles

59- With such striking walls, the sink, the toilet and the bathtub could only be white

60- As is the case with this other project

61- And this one too, but the rule escaped a little when opting for a creative and printed floor

62- A more closed and old decoration looks wonderful with a brighter red tone

63- Gray wall, red elements, the floor could only be white, right?

64- Look how beautiful this coating in hexagonal shape

65- The checkered floor is modern, as are the walls with red tiles and ask for furniture in lighter tones

66- A different shade of red for those who want to add color at home, without exaggeration

67- The composition of colors on the wall was wonderful, alternating between red, black and white

68- Another shade of red that looks great in bathrooms accompanied by white is burgundy

69- Wooden furniture is always a good choice in bathrooms with a predominance of red and white

70- A combination that has no error is that of red, white and black, isn’t it?

The red and white bathroom is a trend that is gaining more and more space in the decoration and can be applied in different ways. With a little creativity, attention and a good project, you can have a place full of charm, elegance and a lot of personality. With our tips and the inspirations we have selected, we are sure that you will find the style that best suits you!


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