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Pastel colors

Pastel colors in home interiors

PASTEL COLORS in interiors of houses, walls, textiles, accessories and photos. Pastel colors for interior designs, walls, textiles, accessories and photos.

The pastel can give us ideas for interior decorating homes and either contemporary or rustic environments lines, the end result will be successful if you do it correctly.

For many, pastel colors are cloying, cheesy and too sweet, but the secret of using the pastel palette is to balance them with white colors and neutrals such as black or gray and insert them into clean lines, modern designs. , not falling into a childish or too feminine scheme.

You can incorporate this range of pastel colors for walls into your home, in coatings either paint or wallpapers, in furniture, textiles such as upholstery and even for accessories.

pastel colors

decorate with pastel colors

Socion pastel colors

pastel colors

pastel colors

Outdoor pastel colors

The pastel colors on the facades of the houses offer a different style to what we normally see.

They are an alternative to a change, such as yellow or blue … .. with the result of a striking house without being overwhelming.

It can also be alternated with cladding of other construction materials, in gray tones, for example, compensating for the more striking first ones and giving the whole a modern touch: concrete, steel and wood are materials that add a good combination with this palette of colors.

Within this range of pastel colors, you can use yellow, mint, pastel pink , smoky undertones, pale mustard, moss green, or dirty pink.

outdoor pastel colors

Pink or lilac, they look cheesy and very sweet by themselves, but if we introduce them into an elegant and avant-garde space, the vision and perception of these colors immediately add a chic touch to the environment.

The pink colors help to balance the sharp lines or the exaggerated angles resulting in a sophisticated, modern and very personal space.

pastel colors

decorate with pastel colors

pastel colors

pastel colors

Pastel colors: pronounce a color

A brushstroke of a pastel shade in bright color over a neutral or monochromatic setting is still a dramatic statement.

The same is true when we add it in one touch even though the pale colors are less bold.

In this photo, the attention of the entire set is focused and ordered on the piece that illuminates the space: the blue glass top of the table

pastel colors

You can choose a few smaller pieces to introduce these vibrant colors, and instead of using them for example in the cabinets, we introduce a touch of color in small characteristic elements.

Books, boxes, a lamp, suspension, a painted wall that is always easier to replace or change when interest in that pastel color is lost.

pastel colors

pastel colors

An easy way to give pastel a stable presence in an elegant, traditional setting that you want to update with a modern look is to pair it with a two-tone gray.

pastel colors

Tonos chalk instead of classic neutrals

If you are tired of the classic neutral cream or beige colors, use the colors with touches of chalk.

The atmosphere will be soft and welcoming and you will add visual interest and character and will not limit you with the choice of furniture and decoration.

Pale lemon is an ideal substitute for cream, and pink and soft peach are also good substitutes for “warming up” neutral tones.

Keep in mind that bright colors can add style but in small spaces they can be overwhelming and give the space the appearance of being smaller.

Pale shades add style and character while keeping things light and airy.

If you want a gray instead of a beige, go for an ashy blue or a cool lavender like the painting in the photo

chalk pastel colors

Pastel colors: clashes of color

Adding a touch of energy to a moderate pastel color environment breaks the scheme by injecting a unique and contrasting color as in the following photo where the yellow color of the chair has been added.

pastel colors

decorate with pastel colors

Pastel colors: appliances

Add cheerful pastel colors in a neutral color scheme, in accessories and appliances in that place, such as the refrigerator, the wood on the wall, in the dishes …

If you want a high-impact 1950s style select a complete set of appliances in the same color tone.

pastel colors

pastel colors

pastel colors

You can also do it in the bathroom: pastel blues, greens for the bathrooms where you want to rest and relax -or in bedrooms -as they create a serene and calm environment.

The warm yellow tones are ideal for the kitchen because they create a feeling of comfort and are also cheerful and welcoming.

pastel colors

Pastel color combination

The colors in this range should be used sparingly if you want to combine them because they create a striking and dynamic decoration scheme.

They must be used with whites, neutrals, and natural materials to avoid a sweet overload of the environment.

pastel colors

pastel colors

In that cool and cozy bedroom, there are pops of color throughout the room, but it creates a harmonious and balanced feel.

Big doses of white and neutrals to add more contrast so it doesn’t look too heavy in pastel colors.

It is wise to add the same color in more saturated accents

pastel decoration

pastel colors

pastel colors in decoration

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Concrete, steel, wood, and exposed brick are good allies of this range of colors.

As well as natural stoneglass, and metal surfaces, combined with rustic touches such as leather and reclaimed wood will infuse any space decorated in pale tones with an earthy and fresh eclectic vibe.

We hope that you liked this post about such soft tones on the pastel color palette and provided ideas for a special corner of your home.


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