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Lighting Master Bedroom

Lighting Tips for the Master Bedroom

Living together has its tribulations and challenges. However, everything can improve when you have a cozy place to enjoy moments together. Therefore, it is worth investing in the master bedroom. There are several ways to create an intimate and comfortable atmosphere in this environment, and one of them is lighting.

But believe me: this is not as simple as it sounds. That’s why we’ve separated the best tips to light up the double room, in order to fit in with different profiles.

Types of lighting

There are 6 types of lighting that can work in the master bedroom, the first 3 being the most important. It is necessary to harmonize them if you want to achieve the desired effect:

Direct lighting

Light directed to a specific point, from top to bottom.

Indirect lighting

Discreet, ideal for creating cozy environments as it illuminates evenly and results in few shadows. Uses the ceiling or wall as a batter, being softer.

Natural lighting

Made by the reflection of the windows in the room, usually decorated by charming curtains that control the intensity of the sun. It’s also the ideal effect for those who want to decorate the place with plants that don’t need light, described in another blog post.

Diffuse lighting

The luminaire body diffuses the light.


For frames, for example, and other items that need attention.

It is made

Generates some kind of visual effect.

How to light?

Lighting needs to be pleasant and functional, providing moments of rest, relaxation and well-being. Therefore, factors such as color temperature, the most suitable lamp, proportion, quality, cost-effectiveness and personality are essential in the composition of the final work.

Color temperature

The color of the light is able to convey the right feeling to the environment. Warm or yellow light can convey comfort in resting places, for example, in bedrooms and living rooms, and neutral and white light are great for places that need concentration, such as kitchens and workstations.

In the case of the double bedroom, the ideal would be warmer lighting, at least as the main one. And an alternative to direct light is the lamp built into the ceiling and oriented towards the wardrobe or bedside, visually illuminating and enlarging the room.

Light bulb

It is necessary to take into account the concern for the environment, the well-being of the couple and the expenses on the energy bill. Therefore, the light intensity control option is necessary and ideal to choose the right spot for each moment. Another option is to invest in LED lamps, which are economical.


Lighting must always be proportional to the space. In relation to small rooms, the ideal is to have a central and diffused light, avoiding slopes and recessed lighting with large and fancy lampshades. Visit our post to learn more about decorating small apartments from Tips & Decor!

Quality and Cost Benefit

Investing in product quality is one of the main factors. The useful life, energy consumption and efficiency of items influence the cost-benefit, and a good design takes functionality and visual comfort into account.


Keep in mind that the project needs to have the personality of those who will enjoy the space, using light to their advantage.

Lighting and decoration items

Now it’s time for tips! We will describe which are the best luminaires and the ideal lighting for the desired environment and its composition.


To light up the entire room, with even distribution and less tiring lighting.

Centralized Pending

Offers more pleasant diffused lighting.

Bedside lamp

Great option for those who enjoy a nightly reading. It is comfortable, practical and one of the main items in the decoration and lighting of the room.

It is even possible to use this item as a complement to general light, using a radial light emission.

Hinged Table Lamps

For rooms with little space, there are models with more flexible options that allow greater direction and rotation, without having to move.

Pendant on top of nightstand

It acts as a suspended lampshade, further optimizing the space above the furniture. They don’t have to be the same pieces or the same size: they can just have the same language.

Crown molding

Low intensity light without direct visualization of the light source. The side wall opposite the window is recommended, to compensate for natural light and there is no direct view of those who are lying down, but it can also be used as general lighting, if it is well designed to illuminate the entire place.

The plaster cast can also be highlighted in the composition.

Linear generates general indirect light and built-in enhance frames, supporting reading.

The inverted ceiling creates indirect light, evenly illuminating doors and cabinet interiors, generating a pleasant and cozy, very soft environment.


Ideal for circulation areas on the sides of the bed.

The trail spot makes the environment even more modern, as the accent lighting adapts very well to different styles. It’s more commercial, however, the rail is great in rooms too, especially when you don’t have a ceiling.

And it is possible to use the recessed spot as general lighting, as long as it is well distributed. The item can provide even and pleasant light, just scale the right amount.


For general lighting and/or in conjunction with other forms of lighting, eg lampshades and spotlights, creating a bit of light design, shadows, lighter and darker areas.

The crystal allows for greater sophistication in the environment and generates an atmosphere of romance and delicacy.

Color light

With the switch, it is possible to generate special effect for different occasions.


It is convenient for the lighting to come from different heights, as, for example, the light at face height helps to humanize spaces.

Those with indirect light that do not generate reflections are great for watching TV, needing to be installed next to it, and there are also decorative ones, possibly located on the sides of the headboards.


Depending on the location, the circular indirect light system can be very cozy and pleasant.


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