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Kitchen Fixtures

Kitchen Fixtures: See more than 89 photos to inspire you

Putting light fixtures at home is something that makes all the difference! This is because light fixtures are much more than just functional. Since they can be used perfectly as decorative objects.

However, unfortunately not everyone gives due attention to this item. But the truth is that betting on lamps in the environment is an excellent alternative.

In addition, today you will find countless models of cool lamps for you to bet on, each of which combines more with a certain environment. In view of this, the kitchen is a space in which there must also be lamps. After all, also an important environment in the house.

So, this time I gathered some really cool kitchen lamps for you to meet. So you can be inspired by these models to add to your home. In addition, at the end of this article, I separated a very simple step-by-step for you to make your lamp. That way, any class can acquire yours. Check out the full article below:

Luminaire model with spots

To begin with, the first model is actually several fixtures in one spot. That is, the spot is basically a cable with some hanging lamps. Usually, these lamps have a design very close to those theater lights. But in this case, the idea is to leave pendants hanging from the spot making it even more interesting.

If you wanted to choose this model, it is necessary to highlight that you will need to assemble it. That is, you buy the spot and the pendants to hang on it. This is a model that looks beautiful in the decoration and you can use it on your countertop.

Ceiling lighting for kitchen

The next model of light fixtures for the kitchen is square, being an excellent option for those looking for something more modern. This is because this type of format is very characteristic in this decoration.

In addition, as most of this luminaire model has some part of the glass, we can highlight this other element very present in modern decor.

Therefore, for those who like this model, I suggest you place it in the center of the kitchen. Since it is an ideal luminaire to place in the main light of the environment.

Industrial kitchen pendant

Industrial luminaires are ideal for those who already have the decor in this style. So in this case the ideal is a common pendant lamp that has a design with a wide mouth similar to a hat. This is a beautiful option and one that you usually see a lot in the industry, which is why it is industrial.

In addition, for this model, it is interesting to bet on one that has no paint. In other words, it already has its own raw material. This makes the luminaire even more industrial and still looks beautiful in the decoration.

Diamond ceiling lamp

Nowadays the diamond lamp has stood out a lot in the market since it is a simple and beautiful model. However, this model of the luminaire is more used in bedrooms. But you can perfectly use it in your kitchen. It is ideal to place it on the bench or table.

In addition, the cool thing about this lamp is that you can also do it in your home. So for those who want to save money, it’s worth buying the necessary materials and making them. So it will be much cheaper and it will be a fun process too.

Round template

The next option is the round luminaire in which you find a few different models. This type of lamp looks beautiful in the center of the kitchen, especially if you buy one of the colors of your decor. So it will complete your decor making it even more interesting.

In addition, just like the diamond lamp, it is also possible to make it at home. Of course, it won’t be like a finished one, but you can do it the same way without complications.

The big secret for this type of lamp is to use string, glue, balloon and paint. That is, you fill a balloon, put the string around, use the glue to fix it and wait for it to dry. Then you pop the balloon and finish with a layer of paint.

Cone-shaped modern kitchen lighting

The cone lamp is a very interesting option for those who have a minimalist decor. This is because generally in this type of decoration the presence of geometric shapes is very strong. Thus, betting on a cone lamp is an excellent option

In addition, this type of lamp is generally very common in the kitchen. But my suggestion is that you place it on the counter that you use to prepare your meals. Because in addition to this being functional, for you to make this preparation clearly it will also increase the environment.

Cylindrical luminaire model

The cylindrical luminaires are ideal for you to place in the center of the kitchen. They have a basic design, but they still look beautiful in the decoration. In addition, this type of luminaire can be found in different sizes. Thus, being in the center of the environment, it is legal to bet on a bigger one, precisely to gain prominence.

Another interesting thing to highlight is that you also find this type of luminaire with some accessories. So for example, you can bet on more elaborate or simpler ones, depending on the decoration I have at home.

Transparent kitchen pendant

The last model of kitchen lamps that I separated is the transparent ones, being a model that looks very beautiful in the decoration and is very delicate.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the transparent kitchen lamp is also ideal for those looking for something more contemporary. After all, this transparency and the material are very present in this type of decoration, so it is ideal for those looking for something more modern.

For every kitchen style

Finding a lamp that matches the style of your kitchen is essential. After all, each type of style has its own characteristics and it is interesting to use them in your environment. However, because it is a little complicated to find a lamp that is really ideal for each type of decoration, I separated the main ones for each environment. This way it will be easier for you to choose the one that suits your home.

In addition, it is worth noting that the styles of luminaires that I mentioned for each space, are one of the points mentioned above. So, for you not to have to look for the model, just check the ones I already mentioned.

Therefore, see below the lamps for each kitchen style :


The minimalist decor has become increasingly popular due to the lifestyle itself having stood out. In addition, this type of decoration has some advantages in which it makes it even more interesting.

However, the minimalist decor preaches very little elements in the kitchen and a more basic decor. Thus, the ideal luminaire for you to bet on this type of decoration is transparent, diamond or cone. Since the diamond and the cone are ideal to be white or black.


The next style of decoration for the kitchen is industrial. Incidentally, this style of kitchen preaches a lot about the use of the lamp, so it is definitely something that can not be missing. Entertaining industrial decoration is nothing more than a style that uses elements that are present in industrialists.

Therefore, for this environment it is interesting to bet on an industrial luminaire or those with a spotlight. This will help to highlight this decoration making it even more pleasant.


In the rustic decoration, betting on elements that were handmade or that are more worn is the ideal. So, the first thing we can highlight is that instead of buying a ready-made lamp, you make one for yourself. So it will be even more pleasant in the environment.

In addition, among the numerous models of rustic luminaires that I mentioned, the ideal ones are the round ones. This is because you can make a round with string and paint it gold. So your lamp will be completely complete with this type of decoration.

Another do-it-yourself suggestion is the luminaire hanging from a spot. But in this case, you will buy a rope and make the pendant using this material. This will make it even more interesting in the decoration.


Finally, the modern kitchen lamps have more options that you can bet on. But it is important that you look for one that has straight lines and has neutral colors. Since in contemporary decoration, its main characteristics are the straight line and more neutral tones.

Therefore, for this type of decoration I suggest that you bet on the square lamp. Since it follows the straight line present in contemporary decor and has a more advanced design. That way, you can choose to place it in your home without complications.

In addition, another important thing to highlight is that this type of luminaire is usually a little more expensive than other models. Thus, if you want to bet on it it is essential that you analyze whether or not this will be feasible for you.

How to make a lighting company?

To finish, as promised, I set aside a step by step on how to make a lamp at home. The cool thing about this is that in addition to saving a lot of money, it will even be quite a fun process.

Therefore, for those who love handicrafts or simply prefer to do it, see below how you can make a more traditional lamp. Check out:


  • Pending;
  • Light bulb;
  • Water bottle;
  • Sandpaper;
  • Spray paint;

Step by step:

To start you will take the empty water bottle and cut it in the first division with the dome removed. Then, you will sand to the part that you cut to make a finish. Right after that, you can paint the bottle of the color you prefer. And finally, you will fit the pendant in the can and install it in your kitchen.

Photos to get inspired!

White kitchen with led ceiling

Black pendants with gold background

Rustic wooden kitchen with white pendants

A white environment with white cabinets

Blue tile wall in the kitchen

Rustic kitchen with several scattered light fixtures

White kitchen with transparent lamp

All white environment with golden detail on the luminaire

Sophisticated kitchen with silver appliances

Marble countertop and industrial style lamp

White brick wall in the kitchen

White closet with blue wall in the background

Victorian style lamp

Brown kitchen with black stove

Luxurious ambiance with round lamp

Sophisticated white cuisine

Rail with light fixtures

Wooden table with silver fixtures above

A green environment with chandelier in the center

Several pendants decorating the environment

Chandelier with lights up

Ample space in the contemporary kitchen

Green and blue details in the decoration

Ball light

Marble in the kitchen and brown furniture

Led around the cabinets in the kitchen

Led on the kitchen ceiling and modern fixture

Yellow lamp on the kitchen ceiling

White environment with gray countertop

Luxury kitchen with led on the countertop

Vintage kitchen with a glass ceiling

Minimalist decor with black accents

Dandelion plant-like fixtures

Yellow led in some kitchen details

Large round chandelier on the countertop

Victorian style lamp

Red chairs in kitchen decor

Lamp with red and black design

Various rails in the kitchen

Suspended pots in the kitchen

The floating ceiling in the kitchen

Black and white decor with round lamp

Large kitchen with brown furniture

Brown furniture in the kitchen with gold accents

Glass lamp with lamp inside

Kitchen lamp template

Led embedded in the kitchen cupboard

Large kitchen with several hanging LEDs

Space with several woods decorating the ambeinte

Blue countertop in the kitchen

Modern round lamp

Led embedded in the kitchen cupboard

Brown countertop with crystal chandelier above

Transparent pendant with black wire

Industrial style lamp to decorate the kitchen

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