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ideas to decorate your room with Christmas lights HouseTipper

ideas to decorate your room with Christmas lights

Do you want to give your room a romantic and magical touch? We tell you how to renew the most personal space in your home with these seasonal lights.

Why do this year we need more magic than ever, we give you the best ideas to decorate your room with Christmas lights and we teach you how to fill the most personal space in your home with magic.

If you have thought that your room needs a special touch or some light, but in a creative way and you do not know how to achieve it, without a doubt, Christmas lights are the answer to all your prayers. So, take advantage of the holiday season to get the best and funniest decoration ideas with these Christmas series that, well-executed, can have a winning effect all year long!

1. Starry night

If you want to feel that you have the stars within reach, without a doubt the best option for you is to put the Christmas series on the ceiling. Looking for a much more natural effect? Then add these Christmas lights tightly fitting to this area or wired to match your ceiling. Remember that the more lights you place, the more magical your room will look.

2. Headlights

If you are looking for something elegant and discreet, Christmas lights in your headboard are the best option. To give it a more romantic touch you can add some sheer fabric curtains to create a much more special effect (princess style). Remember that white curtains and neutral lights combine with everything, but you can also play with the tones of both elements to give it a much more fun touch.

3. Magical Teepee

If you are looking for your room to be totally unique, you can have a traditional and rustic ‘Teepee’ made (or you can do it yourself). Remember that you only need neutral fabric and lots of lights on the wooden supports. This idea, besides being the most original, is one of the most romantic and suitable for the little ones, we recommend it!

4. Canopy for a princess

Get a bedroom and a princess room and add that effect with your Christmas lights. If your bed does not have a frame, you can support it with the help of eyelets on the ceiling.

If you’ve always dreamed of feeling like royalty, this decorating idea will transform your space.

5. Window to the stars

Perhaps what you are looking for is something much more discreet, than what you need is to place a network of outdoor Christmas lights in the window of your room. So that, when you have the curtains, closed you can feel that you are looking at the most beautiful starry night.

6. Wall of special memories

If you have an empty wall and you feel that something is missing, you can place a large series of Christmas lights in a staggered way (don’t forget that you will need nails to hold them) to place the most special photos of your life on it. If you want to have a constant reminder of your loved ones and the most special moments of your life, this is the best decoration option for you.

7. Magic letters

You can decorate the support wall of your headboard (or an empty wall) with a special word – in the language you want – to be illuminated with Christmas lights. In this option, it is best to get a series of special lights such as fiberglass so that the message is visible.

8. Heart

Maybe you want to give your partner a special surprise or you are looking for an idea to be romantic. This incredible option is based on creating a cute heart of Christmas lights where you can also add photographs and a phrase written on the wall.

9. Superstar dressing table

If you want to feel like a Hollywood superstar you can decorate your dressing table with Christmas lights, just remember that to achieve the desired effect you must completely cover the mirror frame. You’ll love it!

10. Lights in your reflection

If you love to fully see your look before leaving home, the best option for you is to buy a full-length mirror and decorate it with Christmas lights.

11. Cinema under the stars

If your thing is to enjoy your favorite series, games, and movies in bed, the best option to give a twist to your room is the decoration with lights. It doesn’t matter if your TV is fixed on the wall, on a piece of furniture or even if you use a projector on the wall, this is undoubtedly the best way to make your space much more special. We promise you will enjoy the magic of Christmas lights throughout the year.

Now you know how to make the most private and personal space of your home unique and special, remember that you can play with the color of your series or the size of your spotlights.

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