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Essential items to create a vintage decor

Although we live in modern times, the past still has its charm, especially in interior decoration. One of the current trends is to take on a vintage air in the ambiance of houses and apartments – with furniture, objects, accessories that refer to past times.

But how to create this decoration at home? Today’s post is just about that: the essential items for creating your own vintage decor yourself.


A little history before we go on with the tips. The term vintage appeared as a direct result of the reuse of items of all kinds during World War II – while some went to the front, those who stayed were in the habit of repairing household objects and belongings. And this custom was maintained, which always gave an “old” look to vintage items.

Which is quite different from retro style, and this confusion is very common. When we talk about retro decoration, it is based on reinterpretations of furniture and objects that were once a trend, but which are currently produced. Vintage decoration is precisely about things from the past that never came back because there was some evolution, whether industrial or technological – cameras, for example.


In this reasoning, the composition of a vintage decoration will seek elements that no longer exist in our daily lives, to generate this contrast that is full of elegance. So many fusions of styles are possible, from so many times, that it’s hard to determine what’s vintage and what isn’t – you can find items with washed-out colors, rounded shapes or even very square. So, let’s stick to common items that often appear a lot in inspirational decorations.

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Antique furniture is a very charming item in vintage decor. Think of those pieces of furniture inherited by the family or mined in antique shops. Especially if the piece of furniture has those toothpicks, very used in the 50s in chairs and armchairs.

Something very common in the use of antique furniture in this type of decoration is the re-adaptation of the piece to an environment for which it was not originally intended. For example, the structure of a classic sewing machine can become support for bathroom cabinets or tables in general. Old mannequins can compose a decoration or even serve as hangers. Old televisions have their housing used to be transformed into small shelves. And so on!


Vinyl records maintain the characteristic charm of the ’70s until today, even with the modernity of Bluetooth boxes and music streaming services. Record collectors are adding quite a bit to their vintage decor. Especially if the records are accompanied by a functional record player. Vinyl is still a very good sound experience.

Old radios are also unique items in this type of decoration. Those wooden models (small and rounded) are uniquely beautiful. It’s even worth risking radios from more recent times, like the 70s.

Cameras are the darlings of vintage-style decorators. When using them, it is worth filling the shelves. If isolated, they can complement a decoration as a counterpoint, a more sober item. Polaroid and Leica style cameras are the most popular for these purposes.


We often dispose of objects that could be used as decoration in the future, such as leather suitcases. A good tip is to use them fixed and open on walls, instead of shelves – which are even more beautiful with vintage items. Glass bottles can become flower vases. Sizes, materials and shades (the more worn the better) imprint personality on the accessories.

Still in the accessory business, an item that brings a unique touch is the typewriter: an accessory is practically forgotten nowadays, but completely alive in vintage decorations. Prefer the portable case versions, as the color variations are greater.

A general trick for these items is to combine them with wooden objects and break the sobriety with pastel colors. The important thing is to combine the reuse of objects with an elegant and cheerful look in the room’s vintage decor.


That custom of our parents and grandparents is more alive than ever in vintage decorations. Old frames, photos, plaques and mirrors with some signs of the weather fill walls with all the charm that the climate calls for. These items bring a relaxed atmosphere.

Especially plates are essential items. Signs, notices, street signs, and lights – the types are quite varied and depend a lot on your creativity to compose the environment. The ideal is to associate the chosen sign to the place in some way, or even to the climate and style of the residents. For example a sign from an old workshop in a house where people love cars.

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