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Discover the decor trends that are on the rise at the moment

Decorating a room may seem simple for some people, but for others it’s a big challenge. Choosing colors, furniture and accessories that reflect the residents’ tastes and personality also requires knowledge to bring everything into harmony. And not only that. It’s important to understand what’s hot in decór to better take advantage of the options the market offers.

To help with these choices, we selected the main current trends in decoration. Check out!

Color palette

It’s a fact: when someone is thinking about changing the decoration of the house, they start with the walls. A simple change in the color of the walls can cause a great transformation in the environment. The color choices are almost endless, but some palettes stand out these days.

• Earth neutrals 

Earthy and warm tones, such as terracotta, saffron and pink beige, have won homes and are part of a concept that seeks to get closer to nature. Accessories – such as pillows, sheets and bedspreads, rugs, objects, among others – also follow this trend in tones.

• Faded colors

These options are paler, like grayish green and pink, as opposed to intense, bright colors.

• Monochromatic colors

To compose the colors, you can apply the monochromatic technique. The effect is to use lighter and stronger tones of the same color to bring contrast and sophistication to the environment. In addition to the walls, the furniture and decoration details follow the same tone.

Geometric prints

You’ve already noticed that geometric prints are with everything and in everything, isn’t it?! Floors, tiles, rugs, wallpapers and bedding are some examples.

• Tiles

With varied formats and creative designs, the geometric tiles are versatile and can be the protagonists in the decoration.

Mixing colors can also be interesting, as long as it’s thought to match in the best way. The tip is: look for colors that match the palette already used in the room. In addition, as it is printed, the ideal is to work with contrasting strong and clear colors, bringing balance to the place.

• Wallpaper

Be it square, triangle, diamond, rectangle or sphere. The geometric shapes put the wallpaper in the darling post again. If you prefer a more delicate decor, bet on neutral prints, such as gray or even a combination of black and white. Any dull wall comes to life with a wallpaper.

Texture mix

Stop and observe the amount of textures that exist inside your house. Brick, wood, stone, metal, fabrics, glass, just to mention the most basic. Using textures consciously, mixing different types of fabrics and materials, is a trend that is here to stay.

Textures help to compose the resident’s style and add visual and tactile effects to the environment. They are key elements in building a good decor. But you must be careful not to exaggerate and leave the environment too “charged”. A tip not to go wrong is to opt for neutral bases – on sofas, walls, wallpapers, for example – and invest the mixture in details, such as paintings and pillows. This way, it is easier to change the decoration whenever you want.

Here are some ways to apply them:

• With mats

Have you ever noticed how the rug makes the environment more welcoming? This accessory is a wildcard in decoration and helps define the purpose of the room, improves acoustics and thermal sensation. Depending on the shape, color and material, rugs can have different effects if they are on a wooden or porcelain floor, for example.

• With objects from different fabrics

The fabric is in sofas, curtains, cushions, rugs, among other elements that make up the decoration. And he has the power to dress up the environment, making it cozier.

Just think of the different texture combinations and how they can imprint the personality of the house’s residents – making everything more fun, sophisticated or modern. A very simple example is mixing the different materials and colors of the pillows against the fabric of the sofa.

Indoor garden

Plants have invaded homes! Sustainable decor is, without a doubt, one of the biggest trends today. In addition to bringing greenery to the environment, plants can contribute to fresher, cleaner air indoors.

The internal gardens encompass a movement, as well as the earthy neutral colors, to bring us closer to nature. The plants gained so much space that today they are not limited to occupying only the balconies or a small corner of the room. They are part of the decoration of the rooms and even the bathrooms.

Do you know the mix of textures we talked about a moment ago? You can also take advantage of the natural texture of plants and pots to compose with other materials and bring this sustainable concept to your home. Here are some ideas for adding a decorative touch to plants:

• Suspended macramé supports

Handcrafted pieces made with the macramé technique add a natural and sustainable touch. Macramé is a very old weaving technique, which consists of braided and knotted threads.

Watch the video” My space has beauty in the shape of us” | My Piece of Home, with Talita Carvalho”

• Wooden supports 

The more “raw” the appearance of the wood, the greater the feeling of naturalness. Playing with the height of the supports can bring an interesting visual effect. For contrast, try mixing the pots and cachepots.


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