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Decorated apartment

Decorated apartment vs. Personalization: what’s the difference?

Photo of the SOFI apartment, by Tegra, decorated

Purchasing a property is one of the most awaited moments for those who want to get out of rent, gain stability or even gain independence. Often, when this decision is made, many ideas about the new home already permeate the mind.

Those who have an eye on an apartment on the floor plan have many advantages, including the possibility of visiting a decorated version. Today, it is quite common for developments to present a decorated apartment so that the client can view the footage up close and have an overview of what the space can look like.

In addition, it is an opportunity for future resident to clarify any doubts. In this post, we’ll answer some of them – how does it work? is it really worth visiting? Can I buy my custom property on the floor plan? Check out!

Apartment on the plant

There are several advantages in buying a property still on the plan, such as the most affordable price, good payment terms, easier documentation, and more modern facilities, time to plan, property appreciation and customization.

What is a decorated apartment?

It is a version of the apartment presented to future residents, designed by renowned architects in the market to explore the best possibilities for using the spaces. It is impossible not to be enchanted by the decorated apartments.

This model is used in the launch of projects when construction companies open their stands for visitors. The client can visualize ideas that were chosen and thought for that specific project. The exhibition period may vary, depending on the project, until the beginning of the works or remaining inside the land itself or in a different location.

In some cases, there is also the possibility of visiting decorated apartments already in the tower, that is, inside the erected development. In this situation, the future resident who wants to customize their property needs to be aware of the deadlines that allow for certain interventions to be made after the works have already started.

The decorated apartment seeks to meet all the space needs that the resident needs. Each room receives furniture, accessories, decoration and facilities to bring the experience closer to reality. So it’s really worth a visit.

Decorated Apartment X Apartment Personalization

The decoration fills the eyes and the imagination goes far when you are inside a decorated apartment. It is at this moment that the desire to take ideas from there to the property arises. And also a question: is the decorated one for sale?

This confusion is quite common. Many people think that the apartment will be delivered as-is in the decorated version. When, in fact, it is optional for the future resident to choose how their new home will look.

“Ah, but I liked what I saw in the decor, can’t I have it?” The decorated apartment is not part of the sale of the property. Therefore, all the decoration is up to the buyer.

What exists on the market is the customization option, a customization pre-defined by the construction company. The best developers offer this service with finishing options. Tegra has a program for this customization, the Tegra ID .

It is possible to choose how the finishing will be, the floor, the tiles, some kitchen and bathroom installations, such as countertops and metalwork, the service area and even the bedrooms. In general, the options are designed by architects, including pre-defined plans.

In addition to these changes, when the property is acquired within the stipulated period for alterations, it is possible to carry out major renovations in certain projects, such as:

• Breaking walls and integrating environments

• Install a refrigeration network for the air conditioning in the living room and bedrooms

• Heated floor in the bathroom

• Plant Options

• Barbecue kit (with bench, tub and metal)

• USB sockets

• Biometric lock at the social entrance

• Central vacuum

• Leveling the terrace floor with the living room

• Automation of bedroom shutters

The flexibility to customize and decorate the unit is a great advantage of in-plant developments. With personalization, it is possible to change the property according to the buyer’s tastes and needs.

Remember that the possibility of changes will depend on the work schedule. The buyer should also be aware that there may be additional charges for the service.

Advantages of opting for personalization

The practicality and time saving is, without a doubt, the great benefit of personalization. Another decisive point for the choice is the fact of not having to worry about hiring labor and all the necessary follow-up for execution.

We also highlight:

• The apartment will be delivered already adapted to your style.

• No need to worry about future renovations.

• Guarantee from the Construction Company and specialized labor.

Tip: Choose a Trust Builder

It is essential to choose projects from construction companies that are well evaluated in the market. After all, they are responsible for the work.

Before closing the deal, research the construction company’s history. Time to market is one of the best factors in determining whether a company is trustworthy. See if it is reputable, certified, and has recognized awards from industry rating institutions.

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