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Decorate terraces

Decorate terraces

DECORATE TERRACES. Styles, accessories, and photos. Decorating terraces. Styles, accessories and photos.

With the arrival of good weather, we want to open the houses to the outside and decorate terraces, porches, decorate balconies and arrange the gardens.

Large or small terracesurban terraces in penthouses, on the beach or in the countryside, chill out or designminimalist, modern, Ibiza-style or with an Arab touch … whatever your style, the point is to enjoy the terrace as long as possible.

The terraces are open-air lounges, creating an outdoor seating area is the best way to experience good weather without sacrificing comfort.

Relax looking at the sea, reading a book, having an aperitif, banishing the clock, eating late, taking a nap, taking care of the plants or sunbathing … each which related relaxation to an outdoor lifestyle.

We present you ideas to decorate terraces and enable a functional and cozy space outside, with a variety of styles, to enjoy one of the great pleasures of summer.

The functionality of the furniture lies, not only in its design but also in the material with which it is made.

Tropical woods, aluminum, iron, vegetable fibers, modern synthetic resins that imitate different finishes, resist the elements quite well and require little maintenance.

Attic terrace design

Having a terrace in a home is a luxury, it is an oasis in the city and you have to take advantage of it to transform it into another space in the house to use and enjoy the outdoors.

Depending on the surface area you have, you can have more or fewer rooms, but from large terraces to small terraces, they all allow you to benefit from an outdoor space where you can enjoy the sun and life outdoors.

If the terrace is small, you have to prepare the space for the activity you prefer, reading, listening to music, sunbathing, having a coffee … an armchair or a hammock, a table, accessories … that is, the main use that you are going to give and with customized solutions.

That is, what use are you going to give it, which is a priority for you, because everything does not fit,

For a few meters you have, they will surely be very practical and you can take advantage of the ideas that we are going to give to decorate small terraces.

If you have a large terrace, then you can separate the environments into living areas that will be an outdoor living room, a dining area for meals or enjoy dinners with friends if you like to receive at home, for which you need more space and organize well the terrace and solarium space for sunbathing.

In both cases, therefore, the space must be well distributed, also taking into account the shape of the terrace, which is essential for a good result.

In case of having ample space, it is convenient to place more voluminous furniture to reduce it optically and make it more welcoming.

The wood and vegetable fiber designs are perfect.

We are going to see both options taking into account that there are characteristics that can be applied to both surfaces, that is, to small terraces and large terraces.

If you have good views, do not close them with opaque walls, leave them in view to enjoy them, do not place plants, for example, that cover them or furniture with your back turned.

Design of small attic terraces

Not because they are small, they do not lack style, on the contrary, they can have a spectacular result by creating a small environment full of charm.

The key to these spaces and having a good result is not filling them, either with furniture, accessories, plants, ornaments … and that in the end, you only see a bunch of things together

In small spaces it is preferable to select only the essential equipment so as not to overwhelm the environment, choosing models with visual lightness.

Armless sofas, although not as comfortable, are lighter to look at.

Choose a suitable armchair or armchair, that is, proportionate to the space, not because you have a bench or a sofa you have to run out of space.

It is better to have a comfortable and comfortable seat or two, which allows you to have a little space for a table to eat and auxiliary furniture for some flowerpots.

A good option is that they are stackable or foldable, they are more practical furniture, they have a good design and they facilitate daily use. The trolleys with wheels, the benches with a chest are solutions to save meters.

If space allows it, add the furniture perimeter following the angle, make better use of the space, you can place some corner modules with wooden base with mats and thus turn the terrace into an extension of the living room.

A hanging fabric or fiber hammock that children love, only needs 2 resistant attachment points to two walls or to the ceiling, hung about 45 cm from the floor to make it comfortable.

The wood and vegetable fiber designs are perfect.

Decorate outdoor terraces and floors

If you consider how to decorate a terrace, start with the coverings: safe, discreet, simple and neutral materials that give prominence to space and natural light.

Taking into account the climate of the area where the house is located, the outdoor floors can be varied, stone, non-slip porcelain stoneware, continuous flooring, wood prepared for outdoor use, a material with an added aesthetic value or imitations of resin wood and agglomerates with good results.

All of them alone or combined, for example, with marble, gravel or artificial grass bowls, creating original shapes on the surface of the terrace.

But above all, and n the outdoor spaces must take into account when decorating terrace materials we choose for the coating, which must be weather resistant and have good maintenance.

Sun and shade spaces, pergolas and awnings

The living and eating areas should be covered to avoid the sun. You can use a wooden pergola, make a reed roof that adds naturalness, freshness, prevents the midday sun from bothering you at lunchtime and adds square meters to the surface of the house.

Some wooden pergolas with their angled laminated structure make the light change throughout the day, providing different areas of shade, thus creating a Mediterranean-style atmosphere.

The bioclimatic pergolas allow intelligent protection from the sun, in addition to protecting from inclement weather.

To ensure a good shade under the pergola, a sliding awning made of raw canvas and covered with heather can be placed that protects from direct sun but allows air to circulate.

A sail, made of suitable material, or an awning, fixed or adjustable, with a fabric that breathes to reduce heat and that you can adjust whenever you want according to the sun that hits the terrace.

In the case of a small terrace, an umbrella is very comfortable and you can move it whenever you want.

Add intimacy to environments 

In case of having close neighbors, it is convenient to add privacy with an enclosure, give independence and remove visibility.

It is not about climbing the walls, but about isolating yourself by adding warmth such as placing a fence, horizontal wooden boards, fasteners to allow plants to climb and having a green wall, it is a natural fence to maintain privacy.

Solutions that in addition to being practical add decoration to the space.

These ideas are very decorative during the day and much more at night, when the lights, lanterns, candles are turned on … a magazine space of lights and shadows.

Another solution is to place light canvas curtains, for example, in ecru tones, which allow you to have the environment closed or open for as long as you want.

In case of a dinner with friends you can have them run and in addition to gaining intimacy, they add a touch of the most welcoming and attractive when they move with the breeze.

A natural fence to maintain privacy from neighboring climbing species such as wisteria, jasmine, vine or rose bush.

Climbing plants like ivy keep the walls from getting hot.


DECORATE TERRACES Outdoor dining room

If the meters allow it, do not hesitate and dedicate a space to organize outdoor meals. Choose the place that is most protected from the wind and sheltered from the sun.

It is best to place the table near a wall or wall or a hedge, taking into account that enough space must be left behind the chairs to be able to circulate comfortably.

If the space is large enough, the table can be placed in the center, for easy access.

In smaller environments, however, it is preferable to arrange it near a wall and complement it with a bench instead of chairs.

You can also take advantage of a corner of the outside to install masonry or wooden seats in a linear or L shape.

Ideas to decorate terraces, green area

E mong ideas for decorating a terrace, you can make your small private garden to mitigate the sun that is filled with potted plants and flowers, an easy way to stay in touch with nature.

This shabby-chic style space    is characterized by its inclinations towards a feminine aesthetic and with a preponderance and presence of flowers in the designs

Decorate terraces

In the decoration of the terrace, the plants of heights and different types of green color will create an effect of depth, the space will be appreciated larger.

Placed on the floor, on the table or on auxiliary furniture, in front of the wall, at different heights, in ceramic or clay pots.

Do not forget to leave a clear area of ​​passage to have comfort in the movements.

This terrace, where the sunsets absolutely, with the long-slat wooden pavementconical flowerpots with cacti of different colors have been arranged.

In this way, an easy-to-maintain outdoor space is achieved since they are highly resistant to the sun.

plants in the decoration of the terraces

Terrace decoration styles

P ara all tastes, from decorations with a lot of colors, style boho, terraces with elements v vintage , terraces style chill out reminiscent Moroccan.

L os complements decorative Arab – inspired counterpoint to provide a craftsman decorates ci ones.

Chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, lanterns from the walls and candles placed on the wooden tray make up the points of light necessary to create a global concept of beauty and comfort.

Perfect corners to enjoy a dinner at sunset.

Ethnic inspiration, marquetry furniture, textile accessories for cushions and Moroccan lanterns and candle holders, add a note of color and the charm of artisan craftsmanship.

rugs to decorate terraces

Decorate terraces

lanterns to decorate terraces

decorate terraces

Decorate terraces

decorate terraces with style

Wooden benches with wheels are a good solution to create beds and lie down enjoying the views as is the case with this terrace.

Decorating terraces on the beach

Decorate terraces

This environment is a mixture of styles, a chill-out touch, on the one hand, gives it the simplicity of elements such as the pallets that serve as the base for the seats.

decorate terraces

And on this other terrace, a relaxed, uncluttered and eclectic atmosphere of a large living area under the awning, accompanied by a dining area with white Panton chairs and the iron table with straight lines.

Decorate terraces

DECORATE TERRACES, the furniture

Designer terraces with original outdoor furniture, made of new generation materials and adapted to the lifestyle of the city.

In the attics the views are the key, if they are beautiful you have to enhance them and not cover them, but in case you are interested in hiding them, the tall plants will help you.

In the first photo, two differentiated spaces: a living area, with a large U-shaped sofa, on a jute rug , and a dining area with eight seats.

Decorate terraces

A space accompanied by flower pots and complemented with abundant vegetation around the perimeter, creating the ideal setting on this terrace.

The lower floor opens to this floor with skylights on it, as you can see in the photo at the level of the pavement.

Outdoor meals are usually prolonged so it is convenient to promote comfort. Place the table 75 cm from the floor and reserve a space of 60 cm for round tables and 70 cm for square or rectangular tables for each seat.

The extendable tables are the best solution to overcome the lack of meters, because they have more capacity than fixed models

Chairs and chairs made of rattan or wicker, a cool and warm material at the same time, which also find their place in interiors.

Hammocks, which allow you to create an area where you can read and rest, enjoy the sun and rest and transform it into a favorite corner.

The loungers with wheels have the advantage of being able to move them to another area according to our desire, if we have a large terrace space.

The m that s assistant is take up little space and are very practical to support books, magazines, drinks and snacks.

The terraces are special places to enjoy the light and the sun, to share with family and friends at leisure.

Its personalized decoration, as we see in the photo below, will make it a charming and cheerful place.

The careful atmosphere, relaxed by the fabrics of bright and contrasting colors, comfortable furniture combining styles , details of accessories on the side tables …

The whole set contributes to making it a privileged place.

decorate terraces

Outdoor textiles

The textiles bring joy, color and vitality to a space element and are easier to change an environment without excessive cost.

As for the upholstery, you have to make sure that they are valid, suitable for the outdoors, that is, that they do not fade in the sun and better if they are washable.

The colors used in these tapestries have to be in accordance with the style of the house, the light tones are pleasant and the dark ones give a feeling of less dispersion, more seclusion.

The upholstery fabrics and accessories such as cushions, provide personality and for terraces it is essential that in addition to being soft, light and comfortable, they add other characteristics such as resistance to light, heat and water.

Renew the fabrics of the sofa and the accessories, combine textures, colors, give life and character.

How to organize the colors?

A basic that will be white or ecru, depending on the other fabrics, the base they have and the composition in cotton and linen will give the environment a more natural style.

Then decide which are the colors you like the most, blue, green, yellow, terracotta or combined with each other …

Exterior decorative cushions

Cojines on chairs, cookies calls for the seat and back, comfortable and large cushions

Striped cushions are a textile pattern that is very consistent with the exteriors, especially the blue and white stripes that remind us of summer, the sea, the marine style, plant motifs or plain.

Jute rugs

They give warmth to the environment and the footprint is much more pleasant, the jute rug , being natural fibers, has the ability to absorb moisture and reduce the sensation of heat, they give warmth to the floor and serve as the base for the coffee table.

Vinyl or bamboo rugs for outdoor use in different sizes and color finishes.

Terrace fountains

And why not? From large to smaller spaces, the pleasant sound of water can accompany our life times outside.

They can be designed more personalized or buy them already assembled and only in the absence of installing them.

Terrace wall decoration

A good resource for decoration on the terraces is to use the walls and not leave them bare.

We can do it, as we have seen with climbing plants, choose aromatic plants and vines to give it a little life, or decorative accessories such as a mirror or some pictures or garlands of light.

Accessories such as a pai pai, bamboo murals, large-format fans … giving it the appearance of a very cozy living room but enjoying the outdoors.


Natural fiber ceiling lights for outdoor, allow you not to have shadows at lunchtime.

Highly decorative garlands of outdoor lights and lanternscandle holders and candles, a whole range of possibilities for complete lighting, for moments of meetings to set the scene for dinners and for moments of conversation in times of intimacy.

This beautiful terrace with few elements has been covered with wood and playing with the two heights an L-shaped seat has been formed, on which it has been placed with a mattress accompanied by cushions, thus creating a seating area.

The play of light due to the successful placement of the luminaire  at different heights, with reflections on the floor and on the wall, create a beautiful effect in the decoration of this space

Decorate terraces

The artificial lighting is key to getting a really cozy set where you enjoy long evenings.

Combine different types of light.

  • Appliques give a soft ambient glow
  • halogens on the ground illuminate specific areas
  • the beacons highlight trails and delimit areas and
  • table or floor lamps add warmth.

decorate terraces with wood

decorate terraces

decorate terraces

decorate interior terraces

A beautiful terrace in a house in Formentera: ¨From here to heaven “ – as the house is called – has spectacular views of the island of Ibiza.

A cozy corner on this terrace, where U-shaped benches have been made covered by mats and accompanied by many cushions and a wooden table on a lower level.

A careful selection of accessories make this terrace an ideal and privileged place to relax and enjoy the sunsets in summer.

Decorating terraces on the beach

Decorate modern terraces

The terraces are special places to enjoy the light and the sun, to share with family and friends at leisure.

Its personalized decoration, as we see in the photo below, will make it a charming and cheerful place.

The careful atmosphere, relaxed by the fabrics of bright and contrasting colors, comfortable furniture combining styles, details of accessories on the side tables …

The whole set contributes to making it a privileged place.

We have presented terraces decorated in different styles, chill-out terraces, modern terraces, penthouse designroof terraces, simpler and more decorated, accessories and finishes

We hope you have found ideas so that you can be inspired when decorating your terrace.

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