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Color guide for painting walls and how to paint them well

Forget all white or all beige. Boredom is over! Painting the walls with bright and intense colors gives them character and, in addition, choosing the most suitable one for you can achieve a very positive effect and improve your mood and well-being at home. Test it! There are many colors to choose from. Not only the wall decoration is important but the choice of color. Get inspired by us. How to paint walls and get it right will no longer be a mystery to you!

Living room in petrol blue

  • 6 colors, 6 styles
  • 5 tricks to get the color right
  • Brushes, brushes, rollers … what do you need?
  • Our accessories to finish decorating the wall

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6 colors, 6 styles

Colors have an effect on our mood. And it doesn’t matter if you paint the whole house that same color or paint a single wall. Color is powerful and conveys more than you think, even from a small space. One tip: go for high-quality and eco-friendly wall paintings to protect your health. You will take care of yourself and the planet. But let’s talk about the effects of color. Here are the reasons why you should know  how to paint walls  with the wall paint colors that will help you the most (including white and beige!):

White, from Nordic to contemporary

White is ideal for a narrow hallway or for smaller rooms. It expands, it is the perfect base for any decorative style and, at the same time, it provides tranquility. Painting in white is a sure success whatever style you have because white is the perfect base to decorate with furniture of any style and to combine with all kinds of colors, that is, white is the ideal canvas to give your home that style that you like the most: from the simple and current Nordic to the most daring and contrasted contemporary. Any trick to know how to paint blank walls and not be bland? Choose whites with a slight chromatic accent: from egg white to grayish. Cool.

Gray, classic-cool style

This neutral and timeless color gives warmth to the home, like beige. In addition, it combines perfectly with natural materials! And we are not just talking about the soft gray color. The whole range of gray fits in with the classic style. From the ubiquitous light gray to the most daring gunmetal gray. The great luck is that this range combines with any other tone and with any type of furniture material. Of course, among the infallible tricks for painting walls there is one that you must keep in mind: do not use very dark grays if your house lacks light because they would dwarf it.

Green, natural and fresh look

Thanks to its soothing, balancing and refreshing properties, green wall paint is perfect for bedrooms, kitchens or hallways. Another of its properties is that it absorbs sound, helping to create an acoustically comfortable space. It is the color of nature and offers numerous options: from strong forest green or moss green to mint green or apple green tones. A dark green wall will add freshness and modernity with light wood or rattan furniture. Complete the decoration with delicate cream or beige tones.

Blues, urban and sophisticated style

Blue is calming and relaxing making it perfect for your bedroom or study. It will help you focus and at the same time update the space because it takes a lot! The walls in blue tones, especially the deeper ones, are fashionable and provide an urban and sophisticated look. Look for the contrast with rugs and accessories in colors such as white, sand or mustard: they will highlight your strength.

Pink, for a romantic-chic air

Pink is not just for girls! It is the color of love, passion, and glamor! Ideas for painting walls pink and not that sappy? Bet on pink in a coral tone, in bubblegum pink (if you are going to accompany it with gold and black auxiliaries, for example) or in pale pink. Combined with white walls and light wood furniture, pink tones provide character and freshness, and with velvet furniture and gold accents, glamor.

Beige, classic and serene

Beige brings light and warmth to all rooms. It is the perfect companion for elegant or country-style furniture because it accompanies them without stealing their prominence and creates a serene space so that they stand out. If you bet on beige because you like the calm of classic spaces, accompany it with wooden or white furniture and accessories in tan tones. Maximum warmth.

  • table and four velvet chairs in dining room
  • different colors
  • bedroom in olive green

5 tricks to get the color right

The colors for painting walls are very varied and sometimes it is a must to find the right color for the room we want to paint. We give you 5 tricks:

  1. Dark tones make a room appear smaller and narrower. Therefore, it is better to use a dark wall color only on one wall.
  2. A blank wall paint, as well as pastel shades, are perfect for small rooms as they make the room appear larger.
  3. Think first about the effect you want to obtain: cold, elegant, cozy …? Once chosen, select the appropriate wall color.
  4. To find out  how to paint walls  in the right color, it’s best to run a small test paint on a single wall with the new color. If you don’t like the result, you can easily repaint just that wall and not the entire room.

And among the basic tricks to paint walls that you should not forget, is this: when you paint, ventilate. And let the paint dry well before applying a second coat or cleaning the room.

Brushes, brushes, rollers … what do you need?

A guide on how to paint walls involves not only talking about the colors that will best suit your space and your style, but also how to apply them and with what materials. Go for it? Let’s start with the materials! Here is the list of what you will need, for what in particular and some ideas to paint walls with all this in a perfect way.

• Paletina : rectangular brush for smooth surfaces where you need to distribute the paint evenly.

• Round brush : to paint corners and corners of the walls. A trick to paint walls with a brush or trowel in a perfect way is to use brushes with synthetic or mixed bristles if you are going to choose a water-based paint (recommended for healthier spaces) and natural bristles if you are going to use a paint with solvent.

• Brush : to paint details, places that are difficult to access or to make touch-ups. It can be round or flat depending on what suits you best.

• Short-haired roller : for painting large surfaces if they are smooth.

•  Long hair roller : for large porous surfaces such as concrete or gotelé walls. Both these rollers and the short-haired ones are recommended for water-based or acrylic paints.

• Foam roller : they are recommended for painting walls with synthetic paints and varnishes, and above all, the walls must be very smooth.

Now that you have the theory in your hands, you will need inspiration … travel the Westwing website and get ideas to paint your house and give a new color to your life!

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