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Tips for Christmas exterior decoration of your home

Tips for Christmas exterior decoration of your home

The Christmas decorations reflect a happy and colorful time where we share special moments with our loved ones. One of the most important areas when decorating, and often forgotten, is the exterior of the house, since it is the most striking space, visible to both neighbors and our visitors.

If you want your facade to be the most beautiful in the neighborhood, don’t miss these tips for an outdoor Christmas decoration:

Ideas for outdoor Christmas decoration

Mini tree at the door

Mini-trees are becoming more and more frequent  in Christmas garden decorations . They are usually placed next to the door and can be on a table or directly on the floor. To give it an additional charm, you can add a pair of lights and some gift boxes.

A crown out of the ordinary

You can opt for a traditional pine crown, but you also have the option of placing one with a much more novel style. Currently, you can find them made with metal, doormats or recycled materials; there are even pineapples, tassels and fabrics.

Artificial snow

It is very fashionable to use artificial snow for the decoration of the facade at Christmas. It is an ideal option for those people who live in areas where it does not snow, but who want to give it that magic and white touch of this time.

To place it you have two options: you can buy it in stores or make it yourself with sodium polyacrylate or other simpler materials such as sand,  glitter, and salt. In any case, remember that you must place it in such a way that it is not a nuisance for your neighbors and that it is easy to clean so as not to contaminate.

Cute dolls

Snowmen are a Christmas classic that never goes out of style.  In fact, now it is usual to make them yourself with recycled materials, but if crafts are not your thing, you can buy a nice inflatable doll or a copy made with bright lights.

Ideas for outdoor Christmas decoration

How to illuminate the Christmas facade

Good lighting is essential in any outdoor Christmas decoration.  In fact, we can’t talk about the Christmas holidays without thinking of some pretty, bright lights. Here are some lighting tips:

Outdoor lanterns

Outdoor lanterns are ideal to decorate at Christmas, as they remind us of the typical decorations of these festivities. You can add them in your garden or place a couple of them at the entrance.

Decorative outdoor lamps

Some beautiful lamps with peculiar shapes will cause a great impact in your neighborhood and will give a very original touch to your home. You can place them at the entrance or along your facade.

Led lights

Currently, LED light strips are very popular for decorating Christmas facades since they shine in a harmonious and symmetrical way; In addition, they allow you to save energy.

Path of lights to the entrance

Inside the outdoor Christmas lights, you cannot miss some good bulbs that illuminate the way to the door of your home.  The advantage of these lights is that you can keep them after the festivities are over since they still add a sophisticated character to the facade.

Christmas is a very special time that allows us to share and enjoy with our loved ones. A beautiful Christmas decoration for our facade will allow us to unleash our creativity and make this celebration even more special. Remember that good lighting is essential in Christmas decorations.

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