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7 decor ideas for a Christmas with the warmth of wood

For many people, Christmas decorations are the favorite time of year. Wood is an accessible material for home design and decoration. From small planks, pallets, pellets, wood leftover from another project and even drawers from the greengrocer can create a natural and rustic atmosphere. They don’t have to be expensive pieces. On the contrary, fabulous pieces can be created with recycled materials.

For this Christmas, the Wood Chamber invites you to enjoy as a family, inspiring your imagination and creating simple decorations developed with wood. This is a material that excels in beauty and decorative aesthetics and is an ecological, biodegradable and recyclable option. Below, CADAMDA’s team of deco experts share 7 tips to delight you with the versatility and beauty of this item.

A thin branch or log can be sliced ​​and made into perfect Christmas decorations. It is about being able to generate a playful space, where you can play with the children: paint pictures and drawings, letters, put a sticker on them, carve them or even burn some words. Replica Christmas trees made of pressed wood can be recreated, combining them with other natural materials for a rustic effect (ribbons, threads, cotton, seeds, corks, flowers and nuts, etc.)

Even a small wooden manger can decorate not only the Christmas tree but the entire home. You could buy different shapes in the decoration or art houses and paint or decorate them in different styles with the family.

DIY Christmas trees can easily be made from pallets, driftwood from other projects, or weathered wood of different shades. When it comes to decorating, it’s all about using recycled materials that kids can easily handle to help decorate as a fun game. Manage different styles with decoupage paper, vintage Christmas baubles, string lights, bows, twigs, etc.

Depending on its size, you can support the tree on the porch of the house for a festive welcome; in the corner of the living room, on a table or to decorate a shelf with some wood art.

How about surprising your children by placing Christmas gifts in a special corner?

You could build a wooden box or crate for Santa Claus to leave gifts and place it in a special place in the house. You can personalize the box with the name of the family and decorate it with sweets, toys, books, pajamas, etc.

The typical fruit and vegetable boxes are ideal for this type of Christmas decoration. Get one in good condition and paint the planks red, except for the middle one that will be black like Santa’s dress. Another option is to paint them the color you like the most and decorate them with ribbons, garlands, pinecones, branches and any Christmas decorations that we have on hand.

You could also buy the pre-made box in decoration stores and apply the style that you like the most, such as vintage that looks great on wooden boxes or apply the decoupage technique.

Did you know that a rustic wooden box adds a bit of charm to the table as a decorative centerpiece? The decoration of the table is as important as what is served on the plates. Setting up your holiday table brings out the fun and magic of the season. It doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive; Again, recycled wood planks and slices can make stunning centerpieces.

Fresh greenery, large pine cones, and green-stained glass create a stunning wood-inspired scene. You can use the log slices as site plates or create them with scented candles and decorate them with some string lights. You can even create with wooden braces or other pieces of work a unique center that covers the entire table and fill it with pine cones, greenery, garlands, Christmas balls.

Decorate the doors of the home with these simple wreaths of recycled wood. Some designs can even be placed on the shelves. Gather log slices, twigs, and cones and shape it in a circle to make the base of the wreath, then you can add lights and red bows. Another option is to dress a simple wreath of fresh pine twigs in bows, vintage light bulbs, pinecones, or whatever craft supplies you have on hand.

Wooden clothes hangers can also be a great option. Simply disassemble the clasps and on a circular mold glue the side of the clasp by side to complete the circle and that’s it. Decorate with imagination, tie and hang on the door.

Also, door crowns do not have to be circular only. Make up different geometric shapes like a star or a heart and decorate them with fresh flowers, eucalyptus and pine. Finally, add red bows and string lights for an elegant touch.

Stars are the charm of Christmas decorations, whether you hang them from the ceiling or use tiny stars, the magic of Christmas seems incomplete without them. You can place them on the mantel with a ribbon, on the Christmas tree as a Christmas ornament, on the table as a centerpiece, leaning against the wall or on the floor.

Make a star shape out of twigs and then decorate with ornaments, ribbons, and snowflakes or wrap little lights around for extra sparkle. Personalize the stars with the names of your family members, they can even be a nice detail for a Christmas gift. Make star cutouts with wooden blocks of different sizes and place them on the mantelpiece, complete the decoration with scented candles and lights.

These wooden signs are very easy to make and many of them can be made from reclaimed wood. There are luminous signs, signs of different shapes, you can even buy the letters in the decoration houses and put together different words XMAS, Noel, HOHO, Merry Christmas, etc. or place the initials of family members in different corners of the home.

They are also great ideas for Christmas gifts. You can decorate it with different styles and techniques, incorporate lights, Christmas balls, bows, wooden twigs, pinecones, among other recycled materials. Try placing them on the mantels, on the floor, or in the anteroom of the house.

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