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5 LOW COST decoration tricks that will change your home


There are times when we all need a little rest, spend more time at home and enjoy the little details. These moments are ideal to start new projects that, due to the busyness of the day to day, we do not have time to do. If you are in one of those stages or simply want to see a change around you, it may be the best time to consider making some modifications in the decoration of your home. 

Today we are going to give you 5 LOW-COST decoration ideas to add another touch to your home with a reduced budget, but with results that will make your home a cozy place with a personal brand, LA VUESTRA.

5 LOW COST decorating ideas

 1. Paint your rugs

Or doormats, it is the most useful idea in the world, you can give a total image to your living room, dining room, hallway or hall with a beautiful custom carpet.

Just choose how to make it, stripes, stars, there are a lot of tutorials, it is also a very subtle way to hide stains and you only need textile paint.

 2. Walls like new with paint

Painting the walls is a low-cost way to give a new look to our decoration, but we can go further by giving it a new, more elaborate image.

Paint stripes on the wall, although they are more perfect with smooth walls, you can also do it with gotelé. You need to measure everything well, with a lot of patience and painter’s tape. You can make them vertical to give it a more classic air or horizontal, either way, it is a very economical and decorative way to give a totally new look to any wall of the house with a very reduced budget.

If you also want to give it a special touch you can make a beautiful composition of photos. In my case, we are putting photos of family, friends.   The SmartDeco is also perfect for displaying the photos you have taken with your mobile. To get one, you just have to download the new Hofmann app and with a couple of clicks.

You can also opt for chalkboard paint, another of the most trending decorative paints. In this way you can draw, write down a list, a beautiful phrase, the possibilities are endless and the result is an always new, original and personalized wall.

3. Low-cost auxiliary tables

A wooden crate

Another resource that can totally change a room like the living room is to use auxiliary tables. If the budget is not for many jogs or you simply want to go out of the ordinary, you can achieve a similar effect with a wooden box.

This solution is ideal for reading corners or putting a support table next to the sofa, you can also store books and boxes inside.

A low-cost stool

Yes, these small seats are ideal to have extra seats, they take up little space but they can also be perfect support or auxiliary table.

4. Jars turned into vases

We have the habit of accumulating glass jars, surely many of you have some at home, but start saving them because they are authentic wonders to decorate any corner of the house in a low-cost way. How? Very simple, add a rope in the area of ​​the thread and some flowers.

5. Shelves that become showcases

When it comes to decorating a house we find ourselves with a considerable investment. In addition, we need storage space for many things, for this reason, we can find many pieces of furniture that we can use for a totally different use than that for which they are intended.

One of them is to use bookshelves for dining room utensils, tablecloths, glasses, glasses, dishes for visitors or daily. In addition to their very low cost, they are great to save meters, since the depth is much smaller than that of a showcase.

6. Extra low-cost decoration idea

Recycle an old frame from your house, paint it the colors you want, and create a perfect photo frame to decorate on the wall

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