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neutral colors in decor

10 ideas for using neutral colors in decor

The vibrant colors bring liveliness to the decor. However, as they are striking, they can also cause eye strain if not used strategically. Therefore, it is important to understand how to use neutral colors to balance and bring harmony to environments. In addition to serving as a base for the composition, it is possible to create a totally timeless décor with this type of palette, which reflects sophistication and elegance.

Neutral Color Characteristics

Among the neutral colors are white, black, brown and different undertones such as gray and beige. All of them are characterized by having little reflex, energy and low intensity.

When we are in an environment with a more neutral decor, it is easy to see the lightness and sophistication, whether on the walls or in the details of furniture and accessories.

How to use the neutral palette in decor

A big advantage of using neutral tones in decor is that they never go out of style. It may seem that there are not many options, but the varied shades of each color can be explored and allow for countless combinations. In addition, this palette can be used as a complement to other colors.

Want to know how to use neutral colors in your home decor? Get inspired by these ideas from some Tegra developments signed by renowned interior architects.

1. Finishes that make all the difference

Marble, which is a symbol of sophistication, can be used in various applications. The coating, previously used only on the floor or on kitchen and bathroom countertops, gained different spaces in the decoration. In the decorated apartment at Square Garden, for example, marble was applied to the main wall of the room, joining the classic with contemporary objects that accompany the colors of the flooring.

Neutral decor in the living room of Tegra's Square Garden development

2. Lighted space

The lighter the tones of the sofa, curtains, rugs and walls, the greater the feeling of light in the environment. It is exactly this idea presented in the decorating project of Gravura Perdizes. The light that enters through the large window reflects on the furniture, walls and ceiling and amplifies this feeling.

Neutral decoration of the Gravura Perdizes project, by Tegra

3. Tranquility

When it comes to decorating environments, what are the best colors to convey feelings of tranquility? You may already have that answer in mind! Just look at the environments where white predominates to notice the lightness and tranquility. With a hectic daily life, entering an apartment with clean decors, like this example of decor by Olhar Augusta, is an invitation to relax.

Look Augusta Apartment (Tegra) decorated in neutral colors

4. Practical and integrated kitchen

In integrated environments, such as the decorated one at Universo Tatuapé, using the palette of neutral tones is easier to combine furniture and decoration accessories, in addition to bringing the idea of ​​uniformity to the environment.

Integrated kitchen with living room and neutral-colored decor

5. Curtains and rugs

Considered key pieces in the decoration, the curtains and rugs with similar shades cause an effect of continuity from floor to ceiling, as can be seen in this decor by Caminhos da Lapa Elo.

Ambient environment Caminhos da Lapa Elo decorated with curtains and rug in neutral colors

6. Earth tones

The decoration project of the D’oru Vila Nova Conceição development highlights the earthy tones. In the living room, it is possible to observe that neutral colors were used as a compliment – ​​on the rug, blanket, furniture, and light shelves – to keep the atmosphere light and let the sofa and pillows play a leading role.

Decorating the D'oru Vila Nova Conceição apartment with earthy tones

7. Wood

In addition to being very versatile, wood heats environments and brings a feeling of coziness. For those who want to redesign the look of an environment, covering an entire wall with wood is an excellent idea, mainly because it is neutral and allows for more sophisticated combinations, as in this decorated room at Gabell Jardins. The finish and shades can be different, but they should follow a similar pattern so as not to clash in the decoration.

8. Base for other colors

Neutral tones can serve as a base for decoration. This makes it easier to add color dots without making mistakes. In Brooklin Bricks’s decorated apartment, the bedroom wall gained a colorful wallpaper, but with low contrast tones, as well as the woodwork and details in the accessories. Making this type of mix makes the space modern and at the same time elegant.

Room decorated with neutral colors as a base and bright colors to highlight

9. Texture mix

Mixing textures in the decor is a trend. They help to compose the resident’s style and add visual and tactile effects to the environment. Textures can be present in furniture, objects, floors and walls. The proposal of the decor by DSG Itaim , for example, was to compose different textures, but all in neutral tones.

decoration with a mix of textures in neutral colors from the Tegra DSG Itaim project

10. Spaciousness

Colors can help transform small rooms, giving an incredible feeling of spaciousness. How to do this? One of the main tricks of architects and interior designers is to use light colors. When we have the same tone on the floors and walls, the environment seems more spacious, as in this decorated bathroom at Caminhos da Lapa Jerivás.

As you have seen, harmonizing colors is the main secret when decorating with neutral tones. To make the decoration more interesting, bet on a mix of textures and materials.

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