Mantis Tiller Troubleshooting

Mantis Tiller Troubleshooting. Mantis tillers are designed to help make every gardener’s dream a reality.

They save you time and frustration in cultivating your garden and making way for a beautiful lawn free from pesky weeds.

But, sometimes issues occur due to normal use this is when troubleshooting comes into play, helping homeowners identify and repair issues before they spiral out of control.

Taking the time to troubleshoot rather than replacing parts blindly can help you solve problem issues without wasting money.

Mantis Tiller Troubleshooting

mantis tiller troubleshooting guideThis article discusses how to troubleshoot some of the problems with Mantis Tiller.

Mantis Small Engine Will Not Start

The flywheel key may have broken in half. A split flywheel key means that the engine has stopped suddenly and the very small,

metal teeth inside the crankshaft formed by design to intentionally break into two if it’s over-revved.

It serves to protect the engine from a situation that can cause costly damage. To determine if there is any damage, remove the flywheel from where it sits coming out of the crankcase and inspect for wheel key pieces either on or around the flywheel gear.

Depending on how much time has passed after this accident, you might have to use solvent to dissolve all traces of that toothpaste smell as well.

Before inspecting or replacing the ignition coil, make sure the spark plug is up to par by testing it with a testing tool for spark plugs.

If the spark plug was found to be working properly then inspect the ignition coil using an ignition tester to verify that there was no issue with its functionality. If you do find that it has gone bad – replace it.

Mantis Small Engine Stops After A Short Time

Fuel is consumed when an engine runs, so the fuel cap releases a small stream of air to counteract this.

Otherwise, a vacuum or vapor lock could affect the flow of gas to your carburetor causing a stall.

If a clogged fuel cap causes a problem during this test and you can’t start your vehicle because of it, spending a couple of dollars and replacing it probably wouldn’t hurt if you forgot.

A clogged carburetor is most commonly caused by leaving fuel in the engine for too long,

causing some of its ingredients to evaporate over time and leave behind a thicker stickier substance that can bind with the other debris present in the engine from combustion.

Carburator cleaners are made specifically for this purpose try them to unclog your carburetor

Mantis Small Engine Performs Poorly

Inspect the spark plug for signs of wear or damage such as a cracked, discolored, or burned insulator.

If there are indications that the spark plug is not functioning as it should, then it must be replaced as soon as possible because it could pose a very real danger to your engine by polluting the air it breaths greatly contributing to its degradation and eventual demise.

To determine if the spark plug is defective, use a spark plug tester that proves its functionality by producing an electric charge between its sockets via current from a nearby working source.

Fuel filters are most commonly clogged due to old fuel. If you left fuel sitting in your car for a while and it evaporated, leaving behind thick deposits on the bottom, this could be one major reason why your engine might not be running smoothly.

To fix this problem take out the old fuel tank and replace the fuel filter so it doesn’t impede the flow of clean fuel and get back to enjoying smooth running.

Mantis Small Engine Is Leaking Gas

The primer bulbs may be leaking gas. Sometimes the rubber of these tiny, basic components becomes brittle and cracked, causing them to leak.

Don’t try to repair a leaking primer bulb. We’ve found that it’s cheaper in the long run just to get a new one.

The fuel lines could be leaking to some extent. Inspect the fuel line for cracks. If any of them are cracked, then you need to replace them with new fuel lines.

It would be very dangerous to attempt to repair a leaking fuel line and it could also lead to a potentially more serious situation if it resulted in an explosion due to the fumes accumulating.

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  1. Replaced carb on mantis model 7222 it started right up ran for 3 to 4 minutes then stopped and will not start, checked for spark , I have spark even used starting fluid small burst nothing checked spark plug it is dry????

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