Why Won’t My Roomba Charge

Why Won’t My Roomba Charge. A variety of factors might cause issues with your Roomba equipment.

Fortunately, many issues with your Roomba device may be swiftly remedied without having to spend a lot of money or go through a lot of troubleshooting.

A problem with charging your cellphone is one such issue that might arise. We’ll walk you through the process of fixing both short-term and long-term concerns with charging your goods in this blog.

Why Won’t My Roomba Chargeroomba charge

If the Roomba isn’t charging, clear out the ports with a piece of soft cloth or brush and some rubbing alcohol to remove any dust, hair, or gunk build-up.

You may also have to replace cables, reinstall your battery or simply reset the robot vacuum so that it can return to its factory setting.

The purpose of this article is to explain why my Roomba won’t charge.

Caster Wheel Clogged

A blocked caster wheel, which collects debris or muck over time, might also sweep the cause of Roomba not charging.

If you have dogs, this is much more likely to happen because there will always be hair tangles and dustball build-up that can sneak through the machine’s filters.

Hair and dust can clog the charging contact station, preventing it from properly interacting with the charger.

The charging contact station is placed on top of the caster wheel, which can become clogged. As a result, when your robot vacuum cleaner has to charge its batteries, it will not turn on.

Charging Station Defectivecharging station defective

The charging station that comes with your Roomba is what allows it to charge itself. If a Roomba doesn’t have a station, it can’t charge at all.

This isn’t common though; it could be that the contact points on the charging station are dirty.

Which we’ve already discussed, or even that your Roomba does not have enough energy to charge its battery this is why you should ensure there’s proper drainage of the battery juice before letting your robot continue onto other tasks.

Error With Temperature

Your Roomba may become completely worthless if the battery in it becomes too hot or too cold. When this happens, you’ll see error codes 30 and 32 appear on your screen.

If the battery isn’t working due of a temperature problem, consider giving it a quick warm-up or cool-down before using it.

Errors are likely to occur if you keep your Roomba in an unusually hot or cold room; however, if it stays indoors, which is where most people keep their robotic vacuum cleaners anyway.

This won’t be a problem because temperatures aren’t typically that extreme in one room over another within an average house.

Disconnect The Battery Pull Tab

Then you may have neglected to remove the yellow pull tab from the battery. This may be found in a number of brand-new electronics.

They are placed there by manufacturers to prevent electronics from going on, particularly during transportation.

The battery contact points are blocked by this tab. As a result, you must remove it while unpacking it in order for it to charge normally again.

Simply turn the Roomba upside down and search for a yellow pull tab dangling from the ceiling. It should be able to charge on a regular basis once it has been removed.


What does it mean if my Roomba’s battery is bad?

The Roomba power light will change from green to an amber color while it is charging. When fully charged, the light will be red.

If your battery is low and not charging, you will see a flashing red light. When the battery is completely drained, the light on your device will stay red solid.

When charging, does the Roomba light stay on?

​The new Roomba 900, 800, and 700 series models indicate when they are being charged with different colored lights. The light on all three of these models comes on for the first 60 seconds of charging and then switches off.

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