Why Is My Pool Filter Blowing Out Sand

Why Is My Pool Filter Blowing Out Sand. One of the most crucial parts of a swimming pool is the filter. Your pool filter should be able to filter dirt out of the water, resulting in clean, clear water.

It can, however, become blocked or plugged with time. If your pool filter has fractures like these, cleaning it will be more difficult, and getting rid of the filth will be more difficult.

If everything goes well throughout your cleaning procedure, and you’re able to see things clearly again, you’ll never have to worry about anything being blocked up in the pool filter again now that’s an investment worth making.

Why Is My Pool Filter Blowing Out Sandpool filter blowing out sand

There is sand in the pool filter, which indicates that the circulation system needs attention. The pool is blowing out sand. Sand flowing from your pool filter is most commonly caused by a broken lateral, which is a perforated pipe that collects water as it circulates through your filter and back into your swimming area.

The purpose of this article is to explain why my pool filter blows out sand.

Shattered Lateral Cause To Blow Out Sand

You now understand the lateral filter and its numerous purposes. The pipes on the filter cage’s bottom transport clean water from the sand bucket to the pool.

If these sections or the connections between them and the standpipes have a fracture, unclean water and sand will leak into the pool, causing too much sand to build at the bottom.

As a result, the water will be hazy. Standpipes are vertical pipes that run from your filtration unit to your pool’s tank, delivering clean water. If there is a crack anywhere, sand and dirt might leak into your pool through this channel and into your pool.

Cracked Seal Cause To Blow Out Sand

Unfiltered water is combined with pool water in an exposed tank with no protective layers surrounding it, which is how a sand filter works.

This implies that particles and debris will be able to reach the sand, reducing the amount of time before the pool needs to be cleaned again. Chemicals can go inside the machine and tear it down if there are no rubber seals also known as washers covering each hole.

This reduces the equipment’s lifespan. When you desire clean water in your pool, a damaged machine will not prohibit you from having filthy water in your pool.


What is causing my pool filter to blow dirt out?

A blocked pump basket, impeller, pipe, or skimmer might all be the culprit. Before the pump, it might potentially be a closed or damaged valve.

It might also be a problem with the pump, such as a low suction lift, which indicates the pump isn’t accounting for water resistance and so sucking in less water than it should.

What are the signs that my sand filter is bad?

Whether you’ve observed that your backwash cycles are getting shorter, check to see if your sand filter is dusty or oily.

If the filter is dirty or oily, don’t be shocked if it starts to look like sandpaper. Your water will be unable to flow through the sand filter medium if this occurs.

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