why is my brand new window ac not cooling

why is my brand new window ac not cooling. Setting your unit to a cooling mode and not feeling any cool air does not necessarily mean that something is wrong with the AC.

However, there are a few things you can check by yourself that could save you time and money if it turns out you need to call in a professional.

Use the temperature control to set the thermostat back so the compressor comes on you can see if it’s working.

(For window units without remote control, this also lets you check whether the compressor is running, because sometimes they slow down but get noisier before they stop).

If it is operating correctly, be sure your filters are clean enough to let cool air through, otherwise, your energy costs will be high. Also, check the exhaust hose for kinks and obstructions.

why is my brand new window ac not cooling

why is my brand new window ac not cooling

Lack of ventilation is the main reason window air conditioners do not blow cold air.

Clogged air filters cause very little or no air to flow over an indoor unit’s evaporator coils, causing the coils to become too cold and ice to form.

In this case, the airflow would be restricted, even more, making the problem worse. If left unattended until the next scheduled service checkup, this could damage the entire system.

Check your unit’s settings first

check your unit's settings first

When the AC turns off and you can feel air blowing from your air conditioner, it means that the fan is working but your unit’s condenser is not.

The condenser makes a rumbling sound, so if you don’t hear any noise or if it’s not vibrating as much, something is wrong with your unit. The problem could be simple to fix.

Make sure the control settings on your AC unit are correct. This may be causing the problem. In this case, look for a switch marked “Fan.”

Make sure it’s switched to “Auto.” If it’s set to “On,” it’ll only run when it is in cool mode, but the “Auto” setting will allow it to run without cooling as soon as there’s warm air present. which means that something is wrong with your AC compressor.

After correcting this error, adjust the thermostat (the temperature dial) to maximum cold setting using a screwdriver and turn your unit on again until you start feeling airflow from the vent outlets of your home air conditioning system.

You should check your air filter

you should check your air filter

Turn off the unit, open the panel on the front, and remove the air filter. It may be dirty, so clean it if necessary with soap and water or buy a new one.

You should always clean your air filter every season or at least twice a summer to keep your equipment running smoothly.

While doing this task, you can check out the ventilation grid for any blockage due to excess leaves and other debris from nature.

At the same time, you can notice whether those pesky tree branches are hovering dangerously close to your unit and if so, take precautions that will prevent them from doing further harm by getting in touch with an expert.

Who will then install a protective grate of netting to cover up your unit from any future attacks from leaves or branches.

Make sure the coils are in good condition

You can check the coils on your air conditioner inside of the unit with a flashlight to see if any part of it is dirty. If there are any impurities or dirt, you can clean those out with a vacuum cleaner.

If your Contactor is frozen thanks to some melting ice, leave your air conditioner unit off until the ice has melted.

If the contractor is covered by a layer of iced-over shut down your air conditioning unit as a measure to ensure that while protecting your evaporative coils from possibly being damaged due to a sudden unexpected change in temperature.

Check other parts

​ If your air conditioner is not producing cool air, give the circuit breaker at the service panel a push to reset it, and turn it off. Push in the plug to a different wall outlet.

If LEDs on the unit are lit, indicating that power is available at the unit, shut off the power by pressing the circuit breaker again and make sure that nothing has blown a fuse or tripped an outlet switch.

The problem could be a stuck fan blade, or there may be something wrong with the system’s controls. Either way, call a service pro for help assessing and correcting it.

why is my brand new window ac not cooling

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