Why Can’t You Lay A Refrigerator Down

Why Can’t You Lay A Refrigerator Down. Moving is difficult, especially if you haven’t done it in a long time. There are several tasks to complete, but the refrigerator is one of the most important.

The most important thing to remember while moving your refrigerator is that transporting it upright rather than on its side is healthier for its compressor.

The compressor in your refrigerator includes oil, which is held in place by gravity. If you flip your refrigerator on its side during the transfer for any reason, you risk damaging the compressor, which will prevent it from working correctly when it’s time to use it again.

Why Can’t You Lay A Refrigerator Downlay a refrigerator down

If you are thinking of laying down your fridge, it is best if you lay it on its front side as this will preserve your warranty. Nevertheless, if the process of moving your fridge requires you to lie flat on its back, be careful in handling the body as it may damage its working parts even though they’re protected by a body.

Here is a discussion of why you can’t place a refrigerator on the ground.

Is there a reason you can’t lay a refrigerator down?

What Happens When You Turn an Upside Down Fridge On Its Side. Leaving a refrigerator on its side can result in oil getting into the cooling system if the compressor is left running.

As a result, the parts can become clogged or damaged, which causes the refrigerator to overheat, fail to cool correctly/decrease efficiency, or have freezing problems.

Models that must upright include all types of French door refrigerators, bottom freezer units, compact units, and built-in models.

If the refrigerator is laying on its side, what should you do?

As you know, your refrigerator has been on its side for quite some time now. Nevertheless, you need not worry as there are only a few side effects that occur immediately after taking it out of this stance.

The first thing we need to do is remove the box from the wall and set it up in its final position. You should leave the compressor upright and unplug it for at least four hours (as much as 24 hours) in order to allow the oil to settle back into the compressor.

Make sure to run it at the maximum temperature setting for at least 2 hours while it is empty. Done! You can now put food into the refrigerator.

When transported, do refrigerators need to be upright?

When loading the refrigerator in a moving van, truck, etc., it is best to keep it standing upright in order to minimize the potential for damage to the sealed system.

This will also prevent any damage to loose items. Put it on the side that is opposite the hinges of the door so that the door will remain closed.

What is the maximum tilt of a refrigerator?

When you move a refrigerator, you should tilt it at a maximum of 45 degrees when moving it. Take your time walking the dolly from one side to the other of the refrigerator.

At any time, you will need to set the fridge back down, so you should do it slowly. Set it down on something soft like carpet and use someone on the other side.

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