Whirlpool Refrigerator Ice And Water Dispenser Not Working

Whirlpool Refrigerator Ice And Water Dispenser Not Working. It’s hard to enjoy the convenience of a refrigerator’s ice and water dispenser if it doesn’t respond to your commands.

Why is my Whirlpool refrigerator not dispensing water or ice? As with any appliance, it’s important to troubleshoot the problem by being patient and checking over all parts of your system carefully before you take drastic measures.

Many common problems can be resolved quickly at home however, in some cases a professional may be required. Check out this simple guide on how to troubleshoot the ice and water dispenser in your own Whirlpool, refrigerator.

Whirlpool Refrigerator Ice And Water Dispenser Not Workingwhirlpool refrigerator ice and water dispenser

In this article, we discuss what to do when the Whirlpool refrigerator’s Ice and water dispenser won’t work.

Problems With Internal Wiring

It is possible that you will need to repair the wiring and wiring harness in your refrigerator if they are not working properly.

Before you do anything else, please check the refrigerator’s wiring for any disconnected wires.

It is important to check your refrigerator for loose wires and to reconnect them if you find any. It is important to check your wiring for any signs of faulty wiring such as burned or cut wires.

Faulty Water Inlet Valvefaulty water inlet valve

The water inlet valve provides water to the refrigerator and can be faulty either mechanically or electrically. With a multimeter, check the solenoid coils for continuity.

Check that the valve is not clogged with debris, and remove it if it is. The keypad requirements must be followed. Remove any obstacles in the path of door dispensers.

Cleaning all over the refrigerator should take place after cleaning up drawer spills. Close food compartments, when not in use.

While cleaning and prevent spillage of food during this process otherwise, it would cause the failure of photocells which detect light inside open doors. Replace water Inlet Valve is found to be damaged or out of order.

Defective Main Control Board

The main control board might be at fault. However, before replacing it and assuming everything will work perfectly once you do, check the rest of your gutters.

It could very well be that a component in your gutters like the control panel or pressure sensor has gotten a little too worn down through use and just needs to be replaced instead.

Issue With Door Switchissue with door switch

The door switch off the ice and water dispenser is designed to shut off the flow of coldness when you are physically opening your refrigerator door.

If the contact isn’t performing as intended, you would have to test it in order to resolve this issue. To do so, a multimeter is recommended for parties who want to get involved with replacing it.

For those who wish not to meddle with such matters can instead call an expert plumber and rely on their expertise for getting it done for them.

Error In Dispenser Switch

Dispenser switches send voltage to the dispenser, thus enabling the dispenser to work. In the event that a switch is determined to be defective, then the circuitry will not be able to function as intended.

Test the continuity of that specific switch with the use of a multimeter to be certain that it is the correct switch.

Replace the switch, if it is found defective due to no continuity, with another known switch that only operates within normal specifications to solve the issue at hand.

Control Board For Dispensers

A dispenser control board is a device that has been designed to control the majority of the dispenser’s functions. There is a high probability that only one dispenser part has failed if only one dispenser part is not working.

It would be wise to test each of the dispenser components before testing the control board in this case.

It is more probable that the problem is with the motherboard rather than an individual component if the dispenser system as a whole does not function.


How come my Whirlpool refrigerator doesn’t dispense ice or water?

If your Whirlpool fridge isn’t releasing ice or water through the dispenser, the most common problem areas are buttons that are stuck, springs that have jammed, compartments that have frozen up, and tubes that are full of ice.

Where can I find out if my refrigerator water inlet valve is bad?

As time passes, strange things may happen to your refrigerator. Some refrigerators have built-in freezers, while others rely on ice trays that are placed inside the freezer.

It’s important to watch for signs that point to an issue with either feature so that you can correct or avoid complications.

For example, you may notice in your refrigerator that the cubes are small or there’s a solid chunk of ice instead of individual cubes. This could mean a water valve is not flowing properly and needs service within a timely manner.

Whirlpool Refrigerator Ice And Water Dispenser Not Working

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