Whirlpool refrigerator drain tube clogged

Whirlpool refrigerator drain tube clogged. It’s possible that your fridge is leaking water because the refrigerator has clogged or iced condenser drain tubes.

If your freezer gets too warm, frost will form on the coils, which will make them expand and contract when they freeze and defrost.

This can cause liquids to build up within the walls of your freezer and start dripping through eventually-the liquid build-up can even result in water freezing into place. You’ll have to thaw it out before you fix what’s causing the leak.

It’s best to keep a small pile of dry towels handy for this very purpose- in case something spills; you might be able to peck up the ice before something else happens.

This way, if you should happen to damage anything with water (like accidentally spilling cleaning fluid or dye), you’re sure to save it from being thrown out entirely. This method is known as salvage sewing in industry circles.

Whirlpool refrigerator drain tube cloggedwhirlpool refrigerator drain tube

If you see a puddle at the bottom of the refrigerator, then it is possible that your refrigerator has a clogged or freezing defrost drain tube.

When the defrost drain freezes, water overflows and leaks down to the bottom of the compartment, where it accumulates and eventually runs out onto your floor. There are a few things that you can try to fix.

Defrost drain clogged or frozen

The defrost drain might be clogged or clogged up. An easy way to clear a clogged drain is to create a mixture of warm water and vinegar, which you can pour down into the drain.

This will frequently thaw out the ice built up around it, but if this fails, one could try using a hairdryer to really drive the heat into it. Another solution would be using a freezer pencil, as this can help remove any blockages in the pipe when you stuff it down into it.

Defective Drain Strap

Defrost drains may be equipped with drain straps. Drain straps are small copper or aluminum pieces that attach to the defrost heater and extend partway into the drain.

Heat is conducted through the drain strap when the defrost heater turns on, melting any ice that has accumulated further down in the drain. In the absence of a drain strap, the then-condenser is more likely to develop frosty blockages.

 Faulty Drain Heater

Some refrigerators are equipped with drain heaters. Drain heaters prevent the water in the drain pan from re-freezing and clogging the defrost drain.

Some models’ drain heaters are defective or are not in the proper place leading to a blocked or slow-functioning drain that has been known to freeze over on occasion.

How do you unclog the defrost drain on a Whirlpool refrigerator?

Some ice cube trays were placed in the freezer on the wrong side of the rack. It could be that some dust or other odds and ends from cleaning (wipes, paper towels) got stuck in the drain hole of your refrigerator’s freezer.

Either way, you can clear up the clog by simply warming up your blower for a few moments using a hairdryer or other blow dryer on low heat.

Make sure to put it as close to any leaky spots as possible without actually touching them. You should see small debris particles coming out of all holes slowly and then water refreezing once cleared up.

Where is the defrost drain on the Whirlpool refrigerator?

In the bottom right corner of your refrigerator is a little basin that fills with water overflow.

This is called the defrost drain, which takes all the observed water and ice from the top of your refrigerator and freezer to drain it down into the bottom of your unit, where there’s a drainage system that keeps leaks and spills off the floor.

What causes the refrigerator drain pan to overflow?

A clogged drain inside the freezer or refrigerator compartment can cause water to overflow, which can cause mold and mildew to grow.

Typically, the drains are located in the back corners of the food compartments, where they can become clogged by food debris or ice.

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