Whirlpool Range Stove Oven Troubleshooting

Whirlpool Range Stove Oven Troubleshooting. Whirlpool stoves are among the world’s most popular products.

These products come as ranges, wall ovens, and cooktops in a plethora of choices depending on what you’re looking for.

Regardless of the features, you choose when purchasing your range, there may be some common problems that occur which we want to help you with by providing info about the top four troubleshooting tips for Whirlpool appliances.

Whirlpool Range Stove Oven Troubleshooting

whirlpool range stove oven troubleshooting

Some of the most common issues with a Whirlpool range Stove Oven are that the surface heating element no longer works and/or the bake or broil elements don’t heat properly or heat unevenly.

Other common problems can also arise, such as an oven that doesn’t turn on at all. The best way to deal with problems is by keeping some important tips in mind.

The Whirlpool oven won’t start

If the oven won’t turn on at all it could be due to a few different problems. One is that the electrical outlet might not have enough power.

To test whether or not the outlet has got sufficient power use a multimeter to measure the voltage at the wall socket.

If you don’t get 240V (or 120V for a gas oven for that matter) then there could be an issue with your wiring or circuit breaker.

With 120 volts, if the fuse located in the back corner of your oven happens to trip out of nowhere, simply replace it to get your oven up and running again. I

f there is no continuity from your multimeter when testing this fuse, you should consider replacing it altogether.

The heating element not working

The surface element board is responsible for supplying power to the coils of a hot plate. When a failure occurs, this causes the hot plate coils to fail.

However, if two or more burners are not working, this could indicate that there’s an issue with the surface element board providing power.

In order to troubleshoot this problem, test continuity on the hot plate after making sure that the control switch and power supply are functional.

If the pain of the hot plate has continuity and the power is coming in through a line cord properly, then it may be due to faulty wiring or a defective-surface element board.

Whirlpool Oven bakes unevenly

If the baking is done improperly, the oven would only get heated by the broiling method which would then cause it to heat unevenly.

Should there be an issue with the baking portion of your oven, it would end up heating inconsistently because one side of its part would be getting heated while the other side would not.

The baking part only glows red when properly functioning and if there’s no glow in its color means that it isn’t heating.

If it has already burned out, this might have visible signs in its damages such as holes or blisters.

A multimeter can be used to check for continuity if indeed there’s a problem with your bake element which doesn’t go along with continuity then you’ll definitely need a replacement for this component of your stove.

Whirlpool Stove burner won’t light

If the burner isn’t sparking it may be due to the spark ignition switch. Essentially, if that particular part is bad, it won’t send voltage to the spark module which will prevent the appropriate voltage from reaching the piezo-igniter to activate.

It’s important first that we verify that all other burners are sparking properly before checking on this particular part.

The reason for this is that if one or multiple of your burners are not sparking and there is no issue with them then you know immediately that there is something wrong with the spark ignition switch.

A Whirlpool oven broiler won’t work

A broiler element may have burned out. The broil elements glow red in a healthy broiler and when the element burns out it can have holes or be noticeably damaged.

Test the broiler for continuity to determine if the element has burned out by using a multimeter or voltage tester. If the test shows no continuity replace it.

The Whirlpool oven door needs to be repaired

A repair may be needed to the hinges on your oven door. The hinges are sometimes left in the open position, which can cause the spring or hinge to bend or break.

If one of these essential moving parts is not working properly, it could impair the function of your oven door, allowing heat and cool air to escape as well as blocking access.

An easy way to fix your method of accessing delicious meals from this staple appliance would be to make sure you have all of its parts working properly so you’ll be able to continue using the oven for a long time without hiccups.

A Whirlpool oven’s temperature is not accurate

The temperature control thermostat keeps the oven from getting too hot or cold. If this is not calibrated correctly, it will be impossible for the oven to reach a safe and appropriate temperature.

This can result in either your cakes being overdone or underdone because the process was interrupted once it had begun.

These problems are due to the electrical resistance in the thermostat itself which is also very difficult to test.

Whirlpool Range burners always spark

It is possible that one of the spark ignition switches is defective. The spark module receives voltage from the spark ignition switch. As soon as the electrical contacts inside the switch close, power flows to the spark module.

In the event the spark ignition switch fails with those electrical contacts closed, the continuous voltage will be sent to the spark module.

You can test each of the spark’s ignition switches for continuity with a multimeter to determine if any is defective. Replace any that show continuity regardless of setting.

Whirlpool Range Stove Oven Troubleshooting

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