Whirlpool oven broiler not working

Whirlpool oven broiler not working. Make sure the electrical outlets are working properly and that at least one is dedicated to your oven.

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Whirlpool oven broiler not working

whirlpool oven broiler not working

When broiled elements are heating properly, they glow red hot.

If they do not glow red, this indicates that one of two possibilities is the cause.

Either you have incorrectly operated your element or the element needs replacing.

When broiling elements do not glowed red when broiling food, it is most likely due to a faulty element and one should replace it right away.

Here we will discuss some common issues and solutions for the Whirlpool oven broiler not working.

Defective Relay Board

Most ovens come with a relay board that is used to control the heating circuit; and in most cases, if something goes wrong with the relay board, it will completely affect the broiler. There is an exception though.

The broiler may be able to work even if the element itself is defective.

We suggest checking all of the components in your broiler to see which ones are working properly or broken, and for those that are clearly bad, you should replace them before trying anything else (like replacing your faulty relay board).

Misdiagnosis of valve and pressure regulator

It is common to misdiagnose valves and pressure regulators. Replace only the valve and pressure regulator after testing all other more commonly defective components.

 Safety valve fail

Whenever the oven doesn’t heat, check if the igniter of the oven is working. After testing makes sure that all heating components are functioning well.

To test if they work you might want to use a multimeter. The safety valve should also be replaced after testing it with a multimeter.

If continuity doesn’t exist, there must be some problem with it and hence you will have to replace it.

Broil Element issue

The broiler element may have burnt out. The main thing to remember about broiler element testing is that the heating element has continuity if you touch one probe of a multimeter on one wire of the element.

And touch the other probe on the other wire (there will be two wires). If there’s no continuity, replace the element.

A thermostat that controls temperature

The broiler temperature is controlled by the temperature control thermostat. When the thermostat is defective, it will not heat the broiler element.

When the oven thermostat fails, you must replace it with a new one.

There is a problem with the igniter

The igniter is designed to glow to ignite the burner assembly when turned on. If the igniter glows for over 90 seconds without igniting the burner,

it can indicate the igniter is either too weak or defective. In this case, replacing the igniter might be a good idea.

Check Bake or Broil Spark Electrode

For a broiler burner to ignite, gas is passed through an electrode that sits next to the burners. It works like a spark plug and must be replaced if it becomes worn out or frayed.

Typically, burners need to be ignited by the presence of an electric spark on this tip of the electrode;

If there is no indication that a spark has occurred, inspect the broil burner assembly for anything that might interfere with its function.

The wire is burned out

Possibly the wire that supplies power to the broil element or igniter of the broil burner is burnt. Wires commonly burn out near heating elements.

Examine the wires that lead to the element or igniter to determine whether a wire has been burned out. Wires that have been burnt out usually show visible burn marks.

Faulty Oven Control Board

The oven control board sends voltage to bake and broil circuits depending on the settings and sensor input.

In the event of a defective control board, the broil element may not receive voltage. This scenario occurs rarely, however.

Test all the heating components before replacing the control board. You must replace the oven control board if you suspect it is defective since it’s difficult to test.

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