Whirlpool microwave oven combo troubleshooting

Whirlpool microwave oven combo troubleshooting. Whirlpool makes microwaves ovens with a lot of convenient features. They have sensor cooking, recessed glass turntables, low power settings, and many more nifty functions. The company offers 1 year of warranty for any defects that may occur.

The product will either undergo repair or replacement for free by a designated service provider.

Before contacting the company, perform troubleshooting on your own to fix things first and find solutions quickly as it is more cost-efficient and less stressful all in all.

Whirlpool Microwave oven combo troubleshootingwhy whirlpool microwave oven combo troubleshooting

Here are a few tips and tricks for troubleshooting.

Turntable not working

Check the continuity of the motor using a multimeter. Replace the motor if it lacks continuity.

Turntable motors may be defective. First, perform the power test by running the equipment from a different circuit than the control board is on.

If the equipment turns on and off when you operate it with power from another circuit then the user interface and display board still might be defective.

To further troubleshoot, remove both boards associated with the turntable to see which one is causing issues – that is if it’s neither of them.

Shuts off immediately

A faulty door switch may be causing your dishwasher to cycle on and off repeatedly. Check the door switches, as they are likely where you’ll see the problem first.

If you don’t find any visible signs of overheating or physical damage, use a voltmeter to test the continuity of each door switch (a simple ohm-meter would not suffice in this case).

Control boards have been known to be faulty, it’s essential then to first check for any other misfiring components.

If all the lights are flashing and not just the lights on the control board itself then you ought to be able to diagnose that problem much more easily which can mean saving you a lot of money down the line.

Microwave not working

Be sure to check the power cord before using your microwave if it won’t start. Verify that you are getting 220 volts of electricity with a voltmeter. If 220 volts are present, replace the fuse because that will solve the issue.

Also, use a voltmeter at all junctions of electrical mains and wall sockets.

If there is no power to that point- replace the fuse again! (Caution: After replacing any fuse make sure you use a voltmeter on all wires at points where you connected it.) If after replacing the fuse, there is still no power to go visit a certified technician.

 Not heating up

The diode converts AC (alternating current) into DC (direct current). It is doubling the voltage to nearly 5000V.

The magnetron heats food with this high voltage. A burned-out diode won’t provide enough power for the magnetron.

Therefore, the microwave will not heat. Before you use the diode, inspect it for burns and replace it if necessary. Please be advised, it should not be done by a layman from home as it is extremely dangerous with 4,000V so please do consult with a licensed technician or contact our service center for further assistance if you feel uncomfortable doing it on your own.

Turns on automatically

First, make sure the touchpad is working properly. The control board is likely to be faulty if the touchpad is working properly. It should be replaced if faulty.

light bulb is not working

Faulty light bulbs, sockets, and wiring are all major causes of an overhead light bulb being too dim. But replacing the control board can fix this problem as well.

After taking some time to inspect all the possible problems causing a weak light bulb, one’s efforts will be better spent on testing the control board because it can solve this dilemma more easily.

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