Whirlpool Microwave Display Not Working

Whirlpool Microwave Display Not Working. The display of your Whirlpool microwave is an important part of this small kitchen appliance. This display shows how much time is left, how much power is used, and what temperature or preset you’re selecting among other things.

We know that in many instances, the Whirlpool microwave display is also the primary visible clock in a household as there may not be any clocks nearby.

It’s so frustrating when the Whirlpool microwave stops working. The sudden failure of a Whirlpool microwave is one of the most frustrating things.

There may be no information on your screen or it may be completely blank or showing you a line of half-zeroes, or the display is so garbled that you have to decrypt it just to read your popcorn countdown.

Whirlpool Microwave Display Not Workingwhy whirlpool microwave display not working

In this article, we discuss some issues with the Whirlpool microwave when its display is not working.

Verify The Power Supply

Another possible cause for the microwave display screen not working is a faulty power supply. If the power supply to your microwave isn’t in good working order, then this may be leading to the off-display of the machine.

Don’t forget to check the connections on all electrical components, your microwave might have been fixed without you knowing.

Not Working Display

Your microwave is not heating up anything and the display inside is not functioning properly. This problem can be caused by a defunct main control or circuit board.

However, the problem could also be due to a missing solder or faulty capacitor at fault here.

If that’s what it sounds like, then you can open up your microwave and take a look at the circuit board to find any pieces that might be broken or missing from the display.

Monitor Fuse And Temperature Check

If the microwave display isn’t working, then you should check three things to look further into the problem: checking first to see if the temperature seems right, inspecting the microwave’s fuse, and checking again.

If any of these three parts seem wrong, it might be because they are in need of repair or were removed by another person looking for a replacement.

Microwave displays may vary across appliance brands, but all will have at least one fuse attached to their electrical components.

Issue With The Display Board

In case the display is not working, there is a chance that the display board might be the problem.

When the display partially goes out, the most common cause is the display board. For example, if you do not receive any reception, it might be that your tuner has failed.

Fuse Blowing Solution

Locate the fuses by referring to the user manual. Once located, unscrew the fuse and inspect it for discoloration.

If the wire leading into the fuse is discolored, then it could mean that a short circuit has occurred somewhere in your electronics which would require you to check the components around it.

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