Whirlpool garbage disposal

Whirlpool garbage disposal. Food disposal has never been so simple thanks to Whirlpool garbage disposal technology.

Our latest garbage disposals help reduce your kitchen’s food waste and the positive effects this will have on your trash bag or compactor.

By shooting food wastes down the sink drain, you’ll cut out odors in your trash can.

With the use of garbage disposal in the kitchen, one will be able to reduce the amount of food waste that ends up being deposited in landfills.

Whirlpool garbage disposal

whirlpool garbage disposal

Here we will discuss some common issues and solutions for the Whirlpool garbage disposal.

The plate won’t rotate freely

To find the clog, insert a broom handle or another slim wooden object through the drain opening on the sink, reaching as far into the disposer as possible.

If you encounter an obstruction, free it by hand before restarting your machine.

If clearing the blockage does not allow the grinding plate to turn freely, tighten all of its mounting nuts and bolts according to your manufacturer’s instructions or simply replace it with a new one.

An Issue With Non-Serviceable Motor

Most disposals have a hole or opening at the bottom of the unit. Using a disposal wrench or 14-inch Allen wrench, you can loosen the motor by sliding it back and forth in the bottom opening of the unit.

If there is no opening at the bottom, insert a broomstick handle into your disposer’s drain pipe to help dislodge any clogs.

Keep in mind that disposer motors are not replaceable in many instances and are often only available as part of an entire replacement garbage disposal.

The plate is stuck

With a few pointers, you will be able to loosen and remove the plate in no time! Every once in a while, enough food can get stuck between the shredding plate and the disposer that it begins to get stuck.

Wiggle the plate back and forth back so it has enough space before continuing to run your disposer with more care.


What is the procedure for resetting a Whirlpool garbage disposal?

Disposal switches should be turned off.  You can turn on a cold stream of water by raising the sink stopper.

Check the disposal switch to see if it’s in the “ON” position, then gently press it back down to “OFF”.

What is the location of the reset button on a Whirlpool garbage disposal?

On the bottom side of the garbage disposer, there is a red reset button. It can receive electrical signals from your circuit board that tells it what to do and how to respond.

I unplugged it a few hours ago, but when I plugged it in again the reset button showed up.

What is the best way to unjam a whirlpool garbage disposal?

For most disposers, the bottom of the housing unit has an opening through which an Allen wrench or broom handle, if necessary may be inserted in order to clear obstructions from the grinding components.

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