Whirlpool Dryer Won’t Start

Whirlpool Dryer Won’t Start. Starting a load of laundry involves many individual tasks. After filling the machine and adding detergent, one must also close the door to start and secure the load.

To complete a regular cycle, this last step is crucial for removing wrinkles safely.

If your Whirlpool dryer isn’t powering on, it may not be because of an appliance malfunction. Sometimes all you need are simple adjustments to resume function in minutes.

The real problem could be your door not shutting completely preventing your dryer from starting or continuing through its cycles.

Use these most common reasons why some Whirlpool dryers won’t start to see if you have a solution in minutes.

Whirlpool Dryer Won’t Start

whirlpool dryer won't start

The following are some troubleshooting tips for Whirlpool dryers that won’t start.

Issue With Drive Belt

On most dryers, when the belt breaks, it’s possible that the belt needing replacement isn’t the only thing that needs inspection.

Sometimes there’s an internal mechanism in older dryers that will shut off power to the appliance if an issue involving the drive belts can be perceived by sensors inside of them.

Check the clothes dryer for any unusual noises or adverse developments concerning other elements and make sure you have a complete understanding of everything that has occurred with regard to your laundry machine before you try replacing either part playing a role in operating your system.

Problem With Belt Switch

On most dryers, when the belt breaks, the motor gives a clicking noise and stops turning.

However, some dryers have an earthing switch that will cut power to the unit even if the motor is functioning normally.

A broken dryer belt would still make this clicking noise, so first check to see if your switch is making a humming sound that indicates it’s working fine.

Some dryers may not even have this switch: follow the manufacturer’s instructions on what you need to do if in doubt.

Alternatively, you can use a multimeter to test the switch. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to replace it.

Error In Drive Motor

Drive motors turn the blower wheel and drum to remove air from the system. In order to make sure this is working properly, check the thermal fuse, start switch, and door switch for any abnormalities.

If every entire aspect of your dryer is functioning as it should except for this motor causing a loud humming noise, remove the belt from the motor and check your blower wheel for any obstructions.

If there are no obstructions insight, it’s very likely that your dryer’s motor needs to be replaced especially if you have tried all these steps in other areas within your dryer.

Faulty Door Switch

The dryer door switch occurs when you turn on a dryer. Most dryers generate a click when the switch happens and is connecting the wiring inside your dryer for operation.

To figure out whether or not your switch is operating even though it made a clicking sound, hold your ear up close to the outside of your dryer and listen for the sound from the inside.

If you hear any clicks inside or outside, try checking if they have continuity with an ohmmeter. If there’s no continuity, change it.

Defective Thermal Fuse

A thermal fuse is an electric circuit breaker in your dryer that prevents damage to the rest of the machine if your dryer catches fire.

These fuses are vital components, and when they fail, you should know where to find them. The chances are, you will have to replace them;

However, before deactivating the old fuse and replacing it with a new one, make sure that this issue is not due to the lint filter requiring cleaning or that your household vent pipe isn’t clogged

or damaged causing overheating in the appliance as both of these issues could affect the fuse.

Start Switch Malfunction

The start switch is easily located near the exterior of the dryer above or beside the timer.

It can be found next to a small light which should have a multimeter attached to it through which you can determine whether the start switch is working properly or damaged.

If the switch has continuity, then it’s actually working fine as most likely there is another problem elsewhere causing your machine not to work.

If that is indeed the case, contact a qualified dryer repairman whom you will provide with specifics in regard to your model number and willing to come over for an estimate.

Timer Cause

There might be a small chance that the timer is defective, but this is very rarely the case.

Before replacing the timer, you should check all of the other components as they are much more likely to be defective instead.

If you determine that all of the other components are working properly, test it with a multimeter by using the wiring diagram.

If it’s defective, replace it and see if that solves your problem in regards to getting hot water at certain intervals.

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