Whirlpool dryer drum not turning

Whirlpool dryer drum not turning. Whirlpool is the world’s largest manufacturer of dryers and has been since 1957.

Whirlpool dryers consistently make high scores for energy efficiency, time-saving features, and reliability, and you can also count on their products to save money on energy bills.

However, if a Whirlpool dryer isn’t spinning, it means the drum won’t turn during a cycle. This article will help troubleshoot this common problem by providing basic tips for fixing even the toughest whirlpool dryer issues.

Whirlpool dryer drum not turningdryer drum not turning

Here are some troubleshooting measurements to take in when dealing with a dryer that stops moving.

Defective Dryer Drum

Do you have a Whirlpool dryer drum not turning? Ultimately, there will be times when we find it hard to remember everything that needs to be taken out of our pockets before putting the clothes in the washing machine.

Now and then, objects such as pens or metal bits can get embedded within the drum and prevent it from rotating. When inside with a torchlight, search closely between the drum and outer casing.

Faulty Drive Belt

A dryer belt is a very long, slender belt that wraps all the way around the drum and then feeds up over the tension pulley and backs down around the motor pulley. Over time, a dryer belt can wear thin and snap, stopping the dryer from rotating.

To quickly determine if the belt has snapped, reach into the dryer drum with two fingers and manually turn it only one notch. If it turns freely with little resistance, then its likely snapped in half.

Next, hold each end of the belt up to an open space between light bulbs – if they’re clearly visible through dead middle but no longer when held at either of either end (write: not seen) or are otherwise deformed (for example fatter in one spot), then it’s definitely time for a new belt!

Idler Pulley Defects

Inspect the idler pulley for the drum belt of your dryer and make sure it’s free to spin on its mounting shaft.

If it’s worn or damaged, we recommend replacing the drum brake belt in addition to replacing the idler pulley.

Drum Support Roller Faults

Most models of dryers have four types of rollers installed around the drum. You’ll find two drum support rollers on the rear and another two called idler or tensioning rollers at the front. Sometimes, you can still see marks made by the rubberized roller sleeves that once sat between them.

These telltale signs mean trouble it’s time to demystify those troublesome drums! Of course, repairs in this area should only be handled by a qualified appliance professional who understands how to repair and adjust both the electric wiring and mechanical components involved here.

Checking them is like checking your health – if there’s a problem with either, you could face major problems.

Motor Not Operating

A dryer drive motor turns the drum to help there be a smooth rotation of clothes. If your dryer’s running stops while they tumble in the drum, you may suspect that the drive motor has overheated and shut them off as it cools down.

If you suspect this is what keeps happening, we highly recommend you call up professionals for service or at least someone from us who can fix it immediately (pun intended) and have your dryer running again in no time!

Drum Bearing Defects

A dryer’s drum has a bearing that spins to help keep it rotating silently and smoothly. If you notice your dryer making a noisy clunking sound, the rear drum bearing may be at fault.

A worn or damaged bearing impairs your machine’s spin cycle and can cause a laundry pile-up or decreased efficiency during drying cycles depending on how obstructed the machine is.

Also, overheated laundry can increase the risk of fire due to airflow issues in this highly inaccessible part of the drum. So keep an eye on any strange noises from back there!

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