Whirlpool dehumidifier not working

Whirlpool dehumidifier not working. Whirlpool Dehumidifiers are vital appliances for homes with high humidity levels.

Over time, it can become noisy and create white dust in your home as it gets exposed to more use.

The result of this may be sleep problems and concentration problems, but there is a solution to these problems.

Whirlpool dehumidifier not working

whirlpool dehumidifier not working guide

If your dehumidifier is not collecting water, this basic troubleshooting procedure may resolve the problem.

1. Disconnect power to the unit for 30 seconds then reconnect power and reset the controls.

2. Turn on the unit and empty its collection tank periodically until water stops accumulating in it during operation.

If you still have a problem with your dehumidifier after performing this basic troubleshooting procedure contact our service center where we’ll be happy to assist you.”

Incoming Power issue

The electrical outlet may be misbehaving. A quick test is to try connecting an appliance, like a lamp, to the outlet and see if it comes on.

Another quick check is to ensure the circuit breakers are all in good shape or that the fuse box has not blown out.

Defective Humidity Sensor

Moisture in the air is monitored by the humidity sensor.

A microcontroller makes a decision based on the amount of moisture in the air after monitoring it and understanding it.

If the humidity sensor isn’t working properly, then it’s impossible to know.

When it will give completely inaccurate readings, so you would be left taking unnecessary actions to fix an issue that doesn’t exist or dealing with problems that you might not even be aware of until they’ve already caused damage to your home or business.

Faulty Control Board

The control board monitors the level of moisture in the air.

If the control board senses that there is too much humidity, it closes an electrical circuit to turn on the dehumidifier.

 Replace Bucket Switch

If the bucket is full, it automatically closes due to a switch. If the bucket switch fails while closed, this will prevent it from running.

To test if the bucket switch is defective you should use a multimeter to check for continuity. If you find that there is no continuity in the bucket switch then you should replace it.

Humidistat contacts fail

The humidistat is used to keep moisture levels from getting too high in the air.

Using a multimeter, test the device to see whether or not its contacts are opening properly if they’re not working properly chances are there’s something wrong with the humidistat and it needs replacing.

The compressor lacks continuity

The compressor compresses the refrigerant and circulates it through the evaporator, condenser, and drain pipes.

The compressor may not leak if it doesn’t work because usually there is a lot of pressure in the line or it’s just worn out.

To test continuity before replacing the compressor, first, check all of the more commonly defective components using a multimeter.

Check the new unit for continuity with a multimeter if all of the other components are functioning properly.

The fan motor problem

Even though the room temperature is over 65 degrees Fahrenheit if your dehumidifier does not collect water, unplug it and check to see if the air is coming through the grille.

You should check to see if any of the evaporator coils are blocked with dust or debris if there is not enough or any air blowing through them.

There are times when these need to be cleaned out if ice has built upon them, as this can obstruct airflow.

Make sure that none of the fan blades have detached from their motors sometimes these screws can come loose during transport, so you may need to tighten them again.

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