What To Do With Plastic Hangers

What To Do With Plastic Hangers. Plastic hangers are a typical form of clothing accessory used to store and hang garments.

They are composed of recyclable polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic. Plastic recycling is a crucial component in developing sustainable products and reducing waste in landfills.

In this post, we’ll look at how correctly recycling plastic hangers may help you participate in environmental activities by promoting the manufacturing of other comparable items and reducing trash on the roadsides while transferring recycled materials to a proper disposal location.

What To Do With Plastic Hangerswith plastic hangers

In this section, we discuss what to do with old plastic hangers.

Use For Plant Support

It might be tough to offer adequate support for your plants’ weak and fragile stems in gardening; nevertheless, you can design a temporary support system out of old plastic hangers.

All gardening techniques aren’t created equal. This is why it’s important to provide some variety in order for the plants to have the best chance of succeeding. This is an excellent option for sturdiness if your plant becomes unstable.

Use As Holder For Paper Towelsuse as holder for paper towels

Use a plastic hanger as an instantly-made dispenser for your paper towels. The secret is to cut out the middle part of the hanger to make it more efficient for storage purposes and for an easier reach.

When it comes to grabbing some paper towels from your tree whenever you’re in need. Because who needs fancy napkin dispensers that are messy and hard to use.

Use For Magazine Holder

You have an abundance of magazines and newspapers strewn around your living room and bathroom. However, they appear to be rather unpleasant.

Rather than allowing them to pile up in an unstructured manner that makes you grimace, consider hanging them on recycled clothes hangers as a creative solution to keep things neat.

For this hack, any sort of hanger will suffice; however, only the old ones should be utilized. And I strongly advise you to avoid plastic models since they can bow under heavyweight if held vertically, resulting in your walls being covered in either magazine pages or newspaper ink.

Use To Skimming Pool Dirt

You can also make a great pool skimmer out of plastic hangers. To prevent dirt and other roadblocks from stopping your fun, simply place the plastic hanger over the poolside loops and swish it back and forth to remove any dirt or other roadblocks!

You can even use them to prevent algae from growing on birdbaths and in other water features so that the algae will not be able to enjoy a little too much sunshine.

Use For Hanging Pictures

Additionally, you may hang your photographs with ease using your old plastic hangers. Simply bend the twisted hanger’s tip into a “u” shape, then put it from the inside out through one of the top holes on the frame and tap it to the wall.

A rep for each of the remaining holes around the frame. Peel off the plastic coated wire ends after they’re in place, and you’ve got yourself a simple photo frame to put in your house or business.


Are our plastic hangers eligible for donation?

Before donating clothing, it’s important to note that many donation centers cannot accept plastic hangers. This is because most hangers are made from recycled materials, which like other forms of recycled plastics often not accepted by curbside recycling programs.

These types of materials are increasingly being sent to composting facilities or landfills instead of your normal recycling center.

Is anyone looking for plastic hangers?

For Plastic Hangers, consult with local thrift shops, nursing homes, and hospitals. They may accept your hangers as a donation or make arrangements to have you pick them up directly.

You can also contact similar institutions in your neighborhood or any other places that need plastic hangers.

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