What is a Pony Wall

What is a Pony Wall. Pony walls were used as partitions to separate rooms. They provided extra storage space and prevented small ponies from escaping.

This style of partition is similar to knee walls in that they are generally shorter than a standard wall,

But there are some major differences between the two types of wall that designers must consider when planning their own home or office interior design.

The term pony has long been used to describe those small impish creatures with legs like sticks, so it makes sense that the name was adopted for the type of partition because it is shorter than a standard wall cubed by about 50%.

What is a Pony Wall

what is a pony wall

A ‘pony wall’ or knee wall is a short wall that acts as a barrier or divider in your home, generally running from floor to ceiling.

While such walls often act as a physical barrier, they may also create a more functional space by serving as extra room height,

or they might even be used purely for aesthetic purposes, either way, it’s important not to forget about their functionality when planning.

Pony Wall Uses

Pony walls are great for dividing space. They’re a good alternative for the traditional wall in that unlike actual walls, pony walls allow more flexibility as to how and when one can remove them.

Today we want to share with you some of the many reasons why pony walls are such an awesome solution in a variety of situations.

The Pony Wall Bookshelf

You can turn a pony wall into a bookshelf in two different ways. Stand on top of the pony wall to grab everything you need on the top shelf, or make it so that you can reach the whole bookcase by adding shelving to the top of your pony wall.

Providing Entryway Support

providing entryway support

If you add a pony wall to your front door area, it’ll keep people from stumbling in and tripping over the entryway.

This is a great idea for any type of home that has plenty of or ample room near their front doors to spare.

It will come in handy for anyone who wants to utilize this as storage space for seasonal clothing or protection during inclement weather.

Separators for Showers or Toilets

Even in the bathroom, we value privacy, and for good reason. For example, if you add a pony wall adjacent to your toilet.

You can feel safer provided the wall is relatively tall and opaque so that it doesn’t come across as an inconvenience to yourself or others sharing the washroom with you.

Or, if you prefer something a little more unique, adding a pony wall next to your shower can be just as beneficial in addition to creating some much-needed privacy while bathing.

It can also make that area look absolutely fantastic by essentially turning an otherwise common bathroom into something of an underwater-inspired space.

Either way, privacy is something we all need now and again so whether you choose one tip because of its practicality or another because of what it looks like within your own home both tips still apply in terms of making sure everyone has their own private little space all around even within the bathroom itself.

Child’s Play Area

If a pony wall is short, it will make a perfect fence for your kids to play in or around. You can use pony walls to divide spaces if you want to create an area for them in the living room or bedroom.

You can even set one up in a sunroom or porch so that other people don’t fall off their chairs in surprise when they see the little “mane” that has been mounted on the wall.

A Breakfast Bar in the kitchen

This is one of the original ways to use a pony wall and is commonly found in kitchens.

Putting a pony wall between the dining room and kitchen gives you extra workspace because there’s an opening for hanging plates on it for storage.

The wall will also partition off the area or create a hallway like here where we have a square type, or diamond-shaped out.

Typically traditional-style homes have this as well as in any other spaces where walls frame portions of rooms as well when space permits.

Reading Nook on Pony Walls

You can create an adorable reading nook by putting up a pony wall and adding a bench on one side.

Shelving would be an ideal choice for the wall as it will allow you to add nooks without occupying a lot of space.

The backstop to the setup can be either a pony wall or another stretch of wall, which is great if you want to read in different spots around the house.

Many people enjoy having their own designated reading corner so this should serve that purpose well while creating a unique symbolic sight in the process with its contrasting display of both animal and equine inspired touches.

What is a Pony Wall

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