What gauge extension cord for refrigerator

What gauge extension cord for refrigerator. There are many types of power cords and cord sets out there, but not all the types are created equal.

While just about any type will do when powering something simple like a lamp or portable fan, using the wrong type of power cord to power a major appliance like a fridge could pose serious safety issues.

The safest option is to plug it directly into a wall outlet. But sometimes this option is simply not available.

If you must use an extension cord to power your fridge be sure to choose one that can handle its energy requirements without compromising safety.

What gauge extension cord for refrigerator

what gauge extension cord for refrigerator

Extension cords come in a variety of sizes and gauges. The higher the gauge number, the heavier the cord is rated to safely handle.

If you are using an extension cord to power devices with high power consumption, like an air conditioner or refrigerator.

It is best that you use a 12 or 10 gauge heavy-duty cord to avoid overloading and potentially damaging your appliance.

An Introduction to Extension Cords

When buying an extension cord for your refrigerator, there are many things to keep in mind. Don’t buy a second-rate cord that might burn your house down because the wires were exposed or something of the sort.

Always make sure the extension cord you buy is grounded so that it minimizes the risk of electric shock or other accidents.

The gauge of the wires will matter because if they are too thin then they won’t be able to handle much power and may burn out fast.

It’s important to consider how far across an area you want your refrigerator plugged into before you buy because longer cords allow for a bigger distance between where it is plugged into and the location where it gets its power supply.

Safety Issues

Before you move on, it’s important to recognize the safety implications of using an undersized extension cord for your refrigerator.

Picking the wrong cord can result in a fire breaking out because using a cord that’s too small will overheat the wires and cause them to rub up against each other without proper space between them.

In addition, forcing high levels of power through too small a wire will eventually cause it to be unable to handle additional energy, as this creates more heat than it can dissipate.

This can lead to fridges burning out and possibly setting fire to a structure if left unattended, so always make sure you pick the right sized cord when getting new refrigerators installed.

And remember that even the smallest fridge requires not just extension cords with enough wattage but also ones that are long enough.

Wire Gauge Definition

wire gauge definition

The size of the wires in any extension cord is measured by a gauge number. The larger the gauge number, the smaller the wire size and vice versa.

In general, a higher gauge promises that an extension cord can handle more current without getting hot or potentially breaking.

For example, jumping from 14-gauge wires to 12-gauge wires means your new wires can take on even more electricity with the same amount of heat build-up.

Knowing how heavy your electrical load will be informed what wire size you’ll need.

Remember that gauge isn’t referring to how thick that particular cable is but instead refers to how big the inner cables are inside your extension cords insulation.

By and large, bigger gauges deal with more power and therefore involve a thinner extent.

A Cord’s Length Matters

You’ll want to reduce the temptation of using long extension cords, as these will not be the most efficient solution you could use.

A short cord in a large gauge will generally reach farther than a longer cord in a smaller gauge, but both work on an urgent basis if circumstances call for it.

Because how far your device reaches from its charger is directly related to how thick the cord’s wiring is, keep this in mind so that you can keep things moving smoothly at all times.​

The Top Pick

When it comes to extension cords, the Stanley brand is definitely known as a reliable company.

We highly recommend the Stanley 31536 3-prong, heavy-duty extension cord because of its durability and flexibility.

This cord is 9 feet long 14-gauge wire is used, and a ground connection is provided and has a ground which makes it great for use with many appliances, especially refrigerators. It’s also efficient for handling up to 15 amps of power.

Not too shabby at all. The plug can rotate at 90 degrees for added convenience.

This option is safe for use at home and the United States standards allow this piece of equipment to withstand adverse conditions like extreme weather conditions or other tough circumstances that may occur outside your home.

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