Water heater igniter won’t spark

Water heater igniter won’t spark. Like any other household appliance, your water heater is prone to malfunctions. Sometimes it works perfectly, while other days, you might have trouble lighting the pilot at all.

Finding a reliable and trusty contractor may help solve this matter for you in a few minutes, but making sure you’re equipped with everything you might need beforehand if these issues should ever occur shall be pertinent and ensure that such issues do not create an unnecessary hassle for yourself and your family moving forward.

So keeping a toolbox handy can come in handy. Check how to relight and upgrade your home water heater as well as what to look out for when there is dangerous gas leakage so that you can avoid dangers before they occur, which will make life much easier than having to deal with them once they already have arisen.

Water heater igniter won’t sparkwater heater igniter won't spark 2022

If the pilot light for your water heater does not properly work or produces only lukewarm water, the possible problem is that it may have been distended.

Most newly introduced units feature an ignition switch that facilitates the reparation works, but older units are likely to require manual replacement.

Defective Pressure Switch

It is the job of pressure switches to help ignite a water heater by monitoring the airflow inside of it when no air is present or enough to accommodate what’s required to give the water heater.

With its little combustion boost, a pressure switch will close, which in turn signals the control board that further measures must be taken. Without pressure switches, a water heater would never be able to light.

Faulty Igniterfaulty igniter

Some water heaters rely on an igniter to ignite the gas. If the igniter fails, then it may not light, and you’ll get cold showers or no showers at all.

Before you decide to replace your igniter, it’s a good idea to make sure that it’s actually getting voltage. If the igniter is getting voltage but doesn’t glow, then this means there’s something wrong with it and that it should be replaced.

Spark Electrode fault

Some water heaters use a spark electrode to light the pilot flame. The spark electrode sends intermittent high-voltage sparks to ignite the gas coming from the gas valve.

If the spark electrode won’t produce sparks, it is likely defective. If the spark electrode is defective, replace it.

Dirty Pilotdirty pilot

A pilot light ignites the water heater’s gas burner. If the pilot does not light, the water heater will not heat. Sometimes carbon deposits can build up on the pilot, preventing it from doing its job.

If this happens you may need to replace your pilot light but before you do so be sure to pull out your owner’s manual and follow their instructions they should be supplying potential solutions that address most of these common problems.

Thermocouple issue

Thermocouples are devices that detect pilot flames. When the thermocouple fails to detect a flame, the auto-ignition process will not work and the burner will not light.


Why does my hot water heater igniter not ignite?

If the igniter is defective, the burner will not light and there will be no pilot flame. If the igniter seems to be defective, and it’s getting voltage, try testing it with a continuity tester and replace it if it is found to be faulty.

How do you test a spark igniter on a water heater?

View the igniter through the sight glass located near the bottom right-hand corner of the water heater. It should be glowing a very faint blue color. Repeat this step until you see a small blue spark that caters to ignite the flame.

How does the igniter work on a hot water heater?

Piezo-electric igniter. The water heater uses this igniter to light the main gas burner. When it is pressed down, it releases a spark that causes the main burner to light.

Most modern piezo-electric igniters are factory set (0.125″) and maintained at that point; however, they should be tested first when troubleshooting lighting problems.

Water heater igniter won t spark

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