Troy Bilt Snowblower Troubleshooting

Troy Bilt Snowblower Troubleshooting. Snowblowers from Troy Bilt are very effective, but they aren’t without fault. By not using the product correctly or by doing things like neglecting to change the oil regularly or tampering with its mechanisms, any of these common mistakes can cause the snowblower’s internal parts to break down and wear out faster than expected.

Check out these common mistakes that novice Troy Bilt snowblower owners make so you don’t end up having to pay for costly repairs for your equipment in the long run:

Troy Bilt Snowblower Troubleshootingwhy troy bilt snowblower troubleshooting

We will discuss some troy bilt snowblower problems and how to fix them.

Troy-Bilt Snowblower Won’t Throw Snow

Your snowblower’s shear pin is a very important component. With it, you can cut through ice and rocks with ease. If your auger hits a rock or a piece of icy mud, the shear pin will break to save the engine from being damaged.

If it breaks, you won’t be able to turn anything on at all.

However, fortunately for you, these pins are quite easy to replace, and putting one back can have you chugging along once again in no time. Do make sure you contact our store whenever you feel like you are having difficulties with your repair work!

Shear bolts are metal bolts that slide through auger axle sleeves, securing them to the axle. The shear bolts are designed to break apart if an obstacle is accidentally encountered by the cutter head, preventing damage to the engine or other expensive equipment.

If the shear bolt breaks, you will want to inspect it and keep an eye out for any noticeable cracks or bends in it; if such problems exist you need to replace it as soon as possible so your engine won’t break down.

Troy-Bilt Snowblower Auger Won’t Turn

Gearbox failure is a common cause of auger engine failure. The gearbox is connected by three shafts to the main drive system and helps rotate the auger.

If the auger stops rotating, check the shear pin connecting between the gearbox and each half of the engine’s auger. If all appears well and the drive system still isn’t turning the shaft attached to either end of the auger, then it’s likely that your gearbox has failed and you will need to replace it.

An engine and gearbox are connected by a cogged belt. A cogged belt that is not tensioned correctly or is defective may cause your blower to have trouble turning.

Examine your cogged belt to ensure that it is able to perform its functions. It is best to replace the belt if it is not working properly.

Troy-Bilt Snowblower Won’t Engage Wheels

There might be a problem with the clutch cable. Make sure the clutch cable is not broken in half or missing a major chunk prior to pressing on with further diagnostics. If the clutch cable is broken, replace it as soon as you can.

However, if it’s not broken, make sure that it’s connected properly between the handle lever and the clutch assembly. Finally, ensure that there are no kinks or flat parts in the wire before moving forward and test to see if the clutch is releasing correctly by engaging in gear.

The traction control cable might be broken or misadjusted. Try lubricating the end of the cable with a small amount of oil to see if it helps improve the performance of the brake.

If adjusting or replacing the cable is ineffective – further diagnosis by a professional may help identify and correct issues with your snowblower.

Troy-Bilt Snowblower Will Not Start

It might be clogged in the carburetor. Fuel and air must be mixed correctly in a carburetor in order for it to operate properly.  Over time, some ingredients in the fuel may evaporate out of it, leaving behind a thicker substance that can leave residue inside the carburetor.

This residue will clog up the mechanism and prevent it from functioning as needed to start your engine on your snowblower. If your snowblower isn’t starting for you, one option is to use a light cleaner that is made for clearing that kind of debris from the inside of a carburetor.

You will have no choice but to rebuild or replace the whole system if this does not work.

Perhaps the key to the flywheel snapped in half. In a crankshaft, a flywheel key engages with a small metal piece. In order to determine if the snowblower engine stops suddenly due to hitting a hard object and breaking, you’ll need to remove the flywheel from the engine and inspect it.

Troy-Bilt Snowblower Runs Poorly

Spark plug casings should be examined for signs of wear and damage. A cracked spark plug, an electrode that has been damaged or burned away, or thick carbon buildup at the electrode should be replaced.

To determine if the spark plug is defective, use a tester that helps you test whether the engine is capable of producing a strong spark between its terminals when you’re cranking it. You should replace your spark plug if there is no spark, which indicates there is something wrong with it.

The engine oil might have been overfilled. If the engine oil is overfilled, the oil may leak out through the breather and seep into the carburetor.

If you’ve accidentally put in too much oil, make sure to properly clean the carburetor with white vinegar and rubbing alcohol.

This will be a tricky process so if necessary seek assistance from an expert like your snowblower mechanic. Then make sure there’s enough oil in your vehicle to power it up and you’re ready to go.

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