Troy bilt pressure washer won’t start

Troy bilt pressure washer won’t start. Troy-Bilt pressure washers are a great invention when it comes to having a surface that is completely clean and ready to be used.

Equipped with the highest quality compressed gas products, a powerful motor, and durable parts, you can expect your Troy-Bilt pressure washer to be able to collect all of the dirt from literally any surface whether it’s at home or on the job site.

Troy bilt pressure washer won’t starttroy bilt pressure washer won't start

Why my Troy bilt pressure washer won’t start. If the porcelain insulator is cracked, an electrode is burned away or damaged, or there is heavy carbon buildup at the electrode, replace the spark plug. To determine if the spark plug is defective, use a spark plug tester.

The first step is to use a spark plug

The very first step to regulating your washer can be initially examining the outlet. To do this you can plug in your washer and test if it’s working properly or if there’s some sort of problem with the outlet.

For inspection purposes, use a spark plug carefully. If you are using an extension cord, then first read the manual that came along with your washer so that you know about the proper type.

Configuration of the engine

The next step in setting up your gas pressure washer would be the engine’s settings if it’s a Troy-Bilt, you’ll have to check the fuel tank for old fuel and replace it with new.

If it’s been some time since you’ve last used your pressure washer, this would be a good time to replace all of the old fuel that could have gone bad in both the tank and carburetor to prevent any further damage to either of these components.

After replacing the necessary amounts of fuel needed for starting up, reinstating the mechanisms yourself can save you some money on repair fees but only if the problem is indeed just in those areas, we recommend checking first.

Defective Carburetordefective carburetor

The carburetor of your pressure washer may be clogged. This is generally caused by having left fuel in the machine for a long period of time which some ingredients may have evaporated, leaving a greasy substance behind.

The grease, especially when it’s very hot, can stick to the walls of the machine and prevent it from working correctly by blocking off its vital parts.

If this is an issue make sure you clean it out with Carburetor Cleaner or even rebuild or replace your machine if that doesn’t work properly.

Faulty Flywheel Key

A flywheel key is a small piece of metal that attaches to the crankshaft in the engine and to the flywheel. Any object that hits the engine at different angles could cause this part to break or rip out causing severe damage.

First, you will need to disconnect the flywheel key from the engine to determine if it is broken. Afterward, you’ll need to open up your flywheel and inspect it.

You’ll know for sure that the flywheel key is broken if there’s a piece missing. It will need to be replaced if that happens.

Ignition coil problemignition coil problem

There is a misconception that leads people to believe that ignition coils are part of the spark plug itself, which is not true. In fact, the spark plug produces a voltage which is then sent to the ignition coil through the top lead wire.

By having both components working in sync together, it creates a connection for vital electricity flow.

If you have confirmed that your ignition coil and your spark plug are working properly, you may test whether or not you need an ignition coil replacement by using an ignition coil tester.


Troy bilt pressure washer won’t start. If your Troy-Bilt pressure washer doesn’t seem to be working, it’s likely because there’s no gas in the tank or the gas itself is old and stale.

When you get your pressure washer out to use it, try to remember when the last time you used it was and how much of an effect that had on the motor while using it. If you aren’t sure if you should fill the tank with a new gas or not- don’t hesitate.

Troy bilt pressure washer won’t start

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