Troy bilt pressure washer pump problem

Troy bilt pressure washer pump problem. Sometimes, your Troy-Bilt pressure washer may be having problems or not performing well at all.

It’s important to realize that you can learn how to troubleshoot a unit yourself before you simply call up repair service.

Before calling up your local Troy-Bilt shop, check each possibility that might be causing the problem.

Most issues with the unit are usually related to the detergent mixture when it comes down to cleaning power, either that or something wrong with the pump itself.

Make sure before calling anybody you check these things first because most repairs are quick inexpensive fixes that you should be willing and able to take care of without having to spend hundreds of dollars!

Troy Bilt pressure washer pump problem

troy bilt pressure washer pump problem

A common issue with pressure washers is the fact that they often output very weak pressure when using a high-pressure nozzle.

When this happens, most users assume that it’s because the pump or unloader valve within the machine has malfunctioned.

Here we will discuss some common issues and solutions for Troy Bilt’s pressure washer pump problem.

Defective pump

The pump assembly will probably need to be rebuilt or replaced. It’s best to swap out your pump assembly if the pump is over a few years old and you use your pressure washer frequently.

In case your pump is newer and used less frequently, you may repair your pump or replace its seals.

Faulty Water inlet

If you discover that your water inlet is blocked, clear it. If there are larger blockades like leaves or small objects that won’t easily fall away.

Try scraping them off of the screen before clearing away loose debris. Spraying compressed air into the opening will help to clear out smaller blockages from the inside.

Leaky Spray gun

It’s always important to make sure the spray gun is working properly. To verify the integrity of the spray gun, ensure there are no leaks and its connection is firm and secure.

Then fill a clean bucket of water and check for leaks with your finger over the opening where the hose connects to the unit.

If you encounter a leak here, do not use that sprayer as it will let loose when in use spraying water.

Inlet hose Issue

To maximize the performance of your power washer, please check that the inlet hose is free of kinks and wrapped with a waterproof covering.

And make sure to always use water at 120°F or lower. Water hotter than this may result in poor washing results from your pressure washer due to the extremely low pressure generated by the unit.


Why does my pressure washer keep losing pressure?

Pressure might decrease when fluids are worn out. If the pressurized fluid does not contain enough water or if it is contaminated by solids or tiny air bubbles, pump parts may become damaged,

and/or cavitation may occur. Install the appropriate filter to resolve this issue.

A pressure washer’s unloader valve does what?

The unloader is used before a pump is shut down. Rather than draining from the pump, water flows in a loopback into it, meaning water drains back into the pump while it’s still pumping under normal pressure rather than out of it.

What happens when a pressure washer pump freezes?

In a pressure washer pump, frozen water expands, causing parts to warp. It is possible, for example, that the line to the pressure washer spray nozzle is split or cracked after freezing temperatures.

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