Toro lawn mower won’t start

Toro lawn mower won’t start. Toro lawn mowers are known for being excellent mowers with diverse features. However, if you have a Toro lawnmower and have noticed that it is not running smoothly, there may be a number of reasons why this has occurred.

To troubleshoot a Toro lawn mower, check if the carburetor needs to be adjusted by cleaning the air filter and replacing the fuel line.

Also, ensure to check for faults in any parts of your charging system, such as wet or worn plugs or faulty coils, after draining out water from your carburetor.

If you notice issues with other mechanics, too, such as sticky valves, wrong flywheel timing, or low compression, you should probably get in touch with the manufacturer’s customer service to get help from their technicians on fixing these problems.

Toro lawn mower won’t startwhy toro lawn mower won't start

Winter can be brutal for your lawn. When the weather gets too cold, it becomes harder to start your mower because oil becomes thicker, and it may take a few more pulls of the cord before the engine begins to run smoothly again.

If you start noticing this happening, roll your mower into the sun, where it can warm up in order for the oil to thin out again.

Let’s look at all the reasons why a Toro lawn mower’s engine won’t start in this article. Also, we will discuss how to fix these potential problems. Let’s get started.

Make sure the carburetor is clean

If your lawnmower doesn’t start, it’s often because the carburetor is dirty. Also known as a carb or throttle body, it regulates fuel flow to the engine. Air passes over the throttle plate, which sits above the carburetor, reducing its size.

The smaller opening increases how much fuel can pass through before entering the engine for combustion, causing the mower to run.

When too many particles of dirt or leaves get into an engine, they lay on top of this plate which changes the size of the opening, thereby leading to you having to clean out your carburetor far more frequently than you might think since if not taken care of properly only big chunks of only certain things. Here is a guide to clean lawn mower carburetor.

The fuel valve should be on

When you have a gas-powered engine, fuel is stored in a fuel tank. The fuel tank reserves the amount of fuel that the engine will use to run.

So when a motor is working properly, there should always be fuel stored in the tank so it can keep working well. But if too much gas is being used or not enough is being pumped, this can lead to major damage or malfunctions.

Such as someone tripped over your mower, the pressure from the spilled gas would then go into our system, causing problems to occur with your lawnmower not running at all.

Find the fuel line switch, which is usually located at the connection between the fuel line and the tank. Make sure the fuel line switch is on.

Defective Spark Plugdefective spark plug

Spark plugs should be inspected. Replace the spark plug if the porcelain insulator is cracked, a terminal is burned or damaged, or there is heavy carbon buildup at a terminal.

Use a spark plug tester to determine whether the spark plug is defective. When the engine is running, you should see a strong spark between the tester’s terminals.

The absence of a spark indicates a defective spark plug, and it should be replaced.

Faulty Ignition Coil

The ignition coil provides voltage to the spark plug, which causes the combustion and ignition of the gas in its cylinder. When the ignition coil is functioning properly, it increases heat and produces a spark to help ignite the gas in each cylinder.

If one’s engine doesn’t start or operate when it should, there may be an issue with your engine such as a faulty battery or low oil but before jumping to that conclusion, confirm that your spark plugs are working properly.

This is because if you test them and they’re producing an improper spark, then they’re most likely defective, not the ignition coil.

So if you know your spark plugs are working properly and you suspect your coil is bad, test it out with a replacement for sure.

Fuel Filter Faultfuel filter fault

The fuel filter might be clogged. A fuel filter is commonly clogged from old, dirty fuel or from a drain screen in the bottom of the tank, getting clogged when someone adds water instead of fuel.

Since these fuels are not clean, when mixed together can cause a gum-like substance to stick to the sides of a mower’s fuel filter and eventually clog it, blocking off any more gas from going into your engine.

If this has occurred, try starting up the mower again with a fuel filter cleaning product in place in your gas for between 10 minutes and 1 hour before trying again.

If that doesn’t work at all, check where you bought your mower just in case they offer credit towards new attachments or if they offer repair services.

Broken Recoil Starter Pulley

​The recoil starter pulley is used to wind up the starter rope when it’s not being used. If the recoil starter pulley has broken, then it won’t be able to do its job of winding the rope back into place.

As a result, pulling on the rope will actually slacken it instead of tightening it. If your recoil starter pulley has broken, then you need to replace it.

 Damaged Flywheel Key

The flywheel key could be broken. The flywheel key is a small metal piece that fits into the crankshaft and engages with the flywheel.

If the lawnmower engine stalls suddenly due to hitting an object, the flywheel key will break off to prevent damage to the engine. If the flywheel key is broken, you won’t be able to start your lawnmower.

To find out if the flywheel key is intact, remove the flywheel from the engine and inspect it for cracks or breaks around where it fits into the crankshaft apparatus.

If everything looks good, go ahead and put everything back together, only to find out that your problem didn’t solve itself.

Bad or old gasoline

Your engine may be starving for fuel. Do you smell gas? If not, do you smell something like gasoline? Because if you do, then the fuel filter might have developed a crack or blockage.

If so, you should probably replace the filter in order to troubleshoot this problem.

Toro lawn mower won’t start

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