Toro lawn mower Troubleshooting

Toro lawn mower Troubleshooting. Toro lawn mowers are one of the most popular brands on the market. Yes, there may come a time when your Toro lawn mower stops working, but don’t fret if you’re mechanically minded.

It can be tempting to get in touch with a local Toro lawn mower dealer just to have them take care of everything for you, but it is cheaper and more cost effective to do it yourself in case all you need is some minor maintenance work done on your mower.

Toro lawn mower Troubleshootingtoro lawn mower troubleshooting

Here is a Toro lawn mower troubleshooting guide to help you fix your lawnmower.

Having problems starting the Toro lawnmower

There are three ports on the fuel pump: one for gas in, one for gas out, and one for pulses. A small rubber tube connects the pulse port to the engine crankcase.

In the tube, the air inside the crankcase is alternately pressed and depressed as the engine runs. By applying pressure to the diaphragm inside the pump, the gas is pumped.

If too much gas gets into this tube, it may prevent this pressurized air from moving properly so you will have to check any nearby vacuum hoses or other sources that might be affecting or blocking this line.

Otherwise, there are also two small built-in valves on the input and output fuel lines called check valves that can burn out or fail over time because they’re made of plastic rather than metal but these valves can be inspected for errors as well as replaced if, in fact, they happen to not be doing their respective jobs properly.

Toro lawn mower leaks gastoro lawn mower leaks gas

If the lawnmower leaks gas, you might have a problem with the gasket in its carburetor bowl.

We recommend that you take care of this by replacing the gasket if it’s dried out or missing.

If there is fuel leaking from underneath your carburetor bowl, consider using a new gasket for better results next time.

Toro lawn mower doesn’t start then stalls

Look for signs of wear or damage on the spark plug. In the event of a cracked porcelain insulator, burnt electrodes, or heavy carbon buildup at the electrode, replace the spark plug.

Test the spark plug with a spark plug tester to see if a spark can be generated. If you cannot start your car’s engine because there is no spark between the terminals, then your old spark plugs are defective and should be replaced.

Toro lawn mower batteries keep dying

One or more batteries in this lawnmower are dead. Please plug it into a power charger, and keep charging it until the battery is full.

If the battery does not hold a charge, proceed to test whether or not the charging circuitry for that particular battery is operating properly by testing for voltage according to the wiring diagram.

A defective battery will not hold a charge and will need to be replaced if this is still the case.

Lawnmower Toro emits smoke

If the lawnmower engine produces black smoke, this means that the carburetor is getting too much fuel (or “running rich”). If the carburetor float is stuck open, the engine will get too much fuel.

Similarly, if the carburetor choke is stuck closed, the lawnmower engine will not be able to draw in enough air to create the proper air-fuel mixture.

Toro lawn mower runs poorly

Carburetors can get clogged over time because of the gasoline or oil not being filtered out properly. When this happens, you have to replace it. To do so, ensure there’s nothing blocking the air filter and that the fuel and oil intakes are free from debris.

If those things don’t work, remove any obstructions manually and use a compressed air duster to spray the insides of the carburetor until they are clean.

Toro lawn mower blades will not engage

The PTO switch provides power to the PTO clutch. This motor, in turn, powers the lawnmower blades. If the switch is defective, it may not supply enough juice to this motor, and therefore your lawnmower blades won’t spin on their accord if you engage them before each use.

To determine if the PTO is damaged, use a multimeter (electronic gadget used to examine electric circuits) to test the condition of the part and determine whether its wires are working properly.

If they aren’t, replace the faulty switch with a working one right away. Make sure you have spare parts for your electric lawnmower on hand so that you can quickly keep up with routine maintenance tasks and avoid disappointment especially at a time like this.

Toro lawn mowers aren’t self-propelled

The belt transfers the power from the engine to the wheels. You need to check it once in a while and if it is worn out or broken, you will find it very difficult to get the power to move through so you have to either replace it or repair it depending on its condition.

As much as possible, save yourself some trouble by checking on its condition beforehand and immediately replace it if ever there is damage.

There are many replacement belts available at most stores and they could probably work just as well as the original. However, the best option would be always to check a new belt before buying an old one.

Toro lawn mower Troubleshooting

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