Toro Lawn Mower Smoking

Toro Lawn Mower Smoking. Is your Toro lawnmower starting to sputter, stall out or emit harsh smoke? It may need new plug wires. Check these things to save money and fix the problem yourself.

As a first step, regardless of color, smoke emitted from your lawnmower is a cause for concern, and if it continues it could cause further damage.

However, if you leave your lawnmower unattended, blowing smoke may become a serious problem.

Toro Lawn Mower Smoking

toro lawn mower smoking

We discuss some problems with Toro lawnmowers when they smoke here.

Issue With Carburetor

If you have black smoke coming out of your lawnmower engine, this indicates that your carburetor is receiving too much fuel.

The float inside the carburetor gets stuck into a fully-open position and this makes it think that there’s more gas or fuel in the reservoir than there actually is.

Similarly, if the choke cable on your lawnmower gets stuck into a partially open position, your

lawnmower will not be able to draw in enough air from outside because all of the outside air and oxygen that enters through the air filter for example will instead go straight to the mix.

Where it will then cause excessive amounts of unburned fuel to come into contact with a lit flame producing toxic gases as a result.

Lawn Mower Black Smoke

The black smoke coming from your lawnmower means that you are not adjusting the flow rate and speed of the engine to the grass moving on the land.

The fuel mixture regulator and air filter are also responsible for the regulation of a fuel gas ratio and when there is less air being let into the carburetor, it will be too rich, resulting in a higher percentage of gasoline.

However if the cause is due to an incorrect ratio of diesel to acid plants like v buffalo grass etc., it will result in emitting more smoke with giving off a strong smell causing irritation to your eyes.

Lawn Mower White Smoke

White smoke is a common occurrence with lawnmowers. It’s also most commonly an indication of overfilling the crankcase with oil.

There may be other reasons for white smoke to appear, but these are the most common ones. White smoke will generally disappear on its own if it is caused by overfilling the drain plug.

This should take about 20 minutes of run time for the smoke to go away;

however, you can clean out the excess oil by hand with an assembly cleaner and a paper towel then restart your engine immediately after to help clear out any remaining smoke from your carburetor and muffler.

Lawn Mower Blue Smoke

Blue smoke is caused by the same factors as white smoke. Overfilling the crankcase, spilling oil on other parts of the mower when filling the crankcase, or using too much oil that is not recommended by the manufacturer are some of these mistakes.

Whether you’re facing a blue smoke issue or a white smoke issue, both cases can be caused by not performing proper maintenance, so make sure to keep up on all repairs and check out our repairing tutorials for tips.

Final Words

Having a smoking lawn mower is not a good sight to see. There are many reasons why the issue could be a recurring one.

It could have something to do with the gas levels being too high for example, so it’s definitely recommended you fix this problem as soon as you notice it before your neighbors start complaining about it.

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