Stihl weed eater troubleshooting

Stihl weed eater troubleshooting. Stihl String trimmers or weed eaters can be a dream come true for anyone who hates yard work and wants to save some cash cutting their own lawn.

But if you are one of the people who often find themselves frustrated by these machines, we might be able to help out!

One of the most common problems faced by a Stihl weed eater can be caused by leaving fuel in it for a long time. We all know that certain ingredients within the fuel may evaporate after some time, often within a week or two.

Some of the remaining chemicals from these ingredients may dry up and create a thicker sludge when mixed together with the gas left inside the weed eater. This can cause the engine to stall.

Stihl weed eater troubleshootingstihl weed eater

Here we will discuss some common issues and solutions for Stihl weedeater troubleshooting.

String line Failure

The trimmer line might be the wrong size. If the trimmer line is too thick or too thin for the trimmer head, it won’t fit and will not feed automatically as you need it to do so that you get a clean cut.

The trimmer housing might have a crack or chip in it. Inspect the trimmer for chips, cracks, and broken pieces. If the trimmer housing is damaged, the blades won’t work well to cut your hair or trim those pesky nose hairs. If you notice any of these conditions, get rid of the old housing and install a fresh one!

Starts then stalls Problem

A spark arrestor is a small ceramic filter in a diesel engine that prevents visible flames from coming out of the exhaust. This can help prevent debris from entering the combustion chamber and causing damage to the engine.

The carburetor might be clogged. If this is the case, ensure you are using fresh fuel and carefully check that there aren’t any unnecessary substances in the fuel line.

If this doesn’t solve the issue, try cleaning your unit with a gasoline treatment or carb cleaner. If you do not have success, it could be time to replace your carburetor entirely.

Runs Improperly

Sometimes weed eater runs roughly this might be due to a faulty carburetor, A carburetor is a device used to mix fuel and air for the purpose of creating an explosion that powers your engine.

The apparatus that creates this chemical action inside your engine is the carburetor. A pesky problem that can arise when you are using a trimmer is that it can sometimes stall out on you.

This problem could be due to dirty fuel filters or it may become clogged after leaving gas in the gas line for too long. There are two reasons this will happen – one is because the fuel evaporates over time, leaving behind a thickish substance once the fuel has almost completely evaporated.

Another reason why fuel gets ‘gluggy’ is that small stones and grit that come through with the gasoline find their way into the fuel tank which mixes with it and sticks on to the sides of your filter.

Trimmer Head Defects

The clutch engages the clutch pads to spin the trimmer head. If the clutch assembly is defective or does not disengage, the trimmer head will continue to spin, even at low speeds. If you believe your clutch is defective, you may need to replace it.

If the drive cable is broken or detached, then your trimmer head will not spin. To inspect the cable, remove the engine from its shaft and check to see if it is properly connected.

Not Starting Sometimes

Inspect the spark plug to make sure it is working properly. If the insulator around it is cracked, an electrode (the metal ‘sparking’ bit) is burned away or damaged or there is heavy carbon buildup at the electrodes, replace the spark plug.

One way to determine if your spark plug needs replacing is by using a spark tester. You should see strong sparks between the tester’s terminals when you are cranking the engine. If you don’t see a strong spark, this indicates that your spark plugs need replacing.

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