Stihl trimmer head not turning

Stihl trimmer head not turning. Although it sounds paradoxical, the reason why a Sithl trimmer head from a Gas Weed Eater trimmer won’t spin properly is the same reason another one won’t.

The reason is that their clutches which disengage their engines’ flywheels from their gears — are broken.

Like most weed whackers that employ centrifugal clutches, Gas Weed Eater trimmers use ones that disengage when they aren’t spinning fast enough to make them retract.

When these springs wear out or slip (normally because they have been worn down over time), they don’t work at all and the equipment stops working.

To prevent this from happening again, we would advise replacing the clutch as soon as possible before anything else happens!

Stihl trimmer head not turning

stihl trimmer head not turning

Our goal is to provide you with solutions to some common problems with Stihl trimmer heads.

Defective Drive Shaft

The driveshaft is a long metal rod located in the middle of your string trimmer. The trimmer head receives energy from the motor.

The drive shaft engages the trimmer head, causing it to spin and cut grass.

If the drive shaft breaks, you will have to replace it before your trimmer will work correctly again.

Clutch Failure

The clutch assembly engages one or more drive shafts. If the clutch is worn out, the bar won’t be able to engage the drive shaft and rotate the string head.

You may be able to clean and repair the parts in question but replacing the clutch would be best in this case since it’s relatively inexpensive and easy to do.

Defective Trimmer Head

If the threads on the drive shaft are stripped, the trimmer head will not stay on the shaft. If this happens, replace both the trimmer head and the drive shaft.

On some models, there are two different sizes of drive shafts (small threads and large threads). Be sure to install a drive shaft that matches your model.

Faulty Throttle Cable

The throttle cable is the metal or plastic wire that connects the throttle trigger to the carburetor.

It makes it possible for your trimmer’s engine to accelerate at higher speeds by opening the throttle on the carburetor.

If any debris gets into your throttle cable and breaks it, you will not be able to accelerate quickly, which means your trimmer head won’t spin either. To replace your old/broken one, go to a specialist retailer or order one through us.


Should trimmer head spin at idle?

The clutch on a string trimmer is similar to that on a chainsaw but differs in that the working part is kept from spinning while the engine is running, unlike the chainsaw.

When there’s a problem with the clutch and it’s not working properly, congratulations are in order for you your string trimmer has turned into a chainsaw which could be very dangerous considering that it might damage something or even hurt someone.

Stihl trimmer head not turning

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