Speed queen washer Troubleshooting

Speed queen washer Troubleshooting. Speed Queen has been around since 1937, manufacturing commercial and household laundry machines.

In this article, we’re going to see how they produce quality laundry machines that can help alleviate common coin-operated laundry problems.

Speed queen washer Troubleshootingspeed queen washer troubleshooting

There are many different types of washer brands and people tend to assume they are all the same. However, each one is a little different.

If you’re lucky enough to own a Speed Queen washing machine, these can be extremely variable depending on size and even what model you have.

If your Speed Queen is experiencing any problems at all, don’t worry we’re here to help. We’ll be exploring common Speed Queen washing machine problems and how to fix them over some helpful tips! Let’s get started.

Having trouble draining the Speed Queen washer

From time to time, small objects like hair can get caught in the drain pump. To determine if that’s what is causing your drain pump trouble, take a few minutes and remove the drain pump from your washer.

A cinder block, ruler, or another solid object can double as a tool with which you can bang around the inside of the base of your home appliance and check to see if it will free anything up (like say, impeding clothing).

If the truck is clean but noisy during a load, replace your drain pump.

The Speed Queen Washer fills slowly or won’t fill at all

The wash cycle fills with water as the washing machine drains. Typically, a washing machine will fill completely and automatically; however, sometimes, it may take longer to fill even if there is enough water pressure.

Check first to ensure that there is enough water pressure coming into your property. If water flow is slow or absent, check for kinked or clogged hoses leading to the unit as well as check for any obstructions in the inlet hose screens on top of the washing machine.

If necessary, clear these obstacles and re-test the unit. Sometimes, material buildup on these screens can lead to such an issue, and removing it can help resolve this problem.

If unable to find a clog or obstruction in the hoses and the screens, replace your water inlet valve located at the bottom of your washer next to the drain pump.

The Speed Queen Washer will not spinthe speed queen washer will not spin

The lid switch assembly is designed to prevent the washer from spinning when the lid is open. If you find that the washer won’t spin and you’ve ruled out other causes.

Like whether or not it’s empty or low on water, test the lid switch assembly to check if it has continuity by plugging a multimeter into its holes to see if there’s any electrical current. If there isn’t any, replace it.

Speed Queen Washers stop mid-cycle

The washing machine door lock secures the washer during operation. Once the machine is turned on and the door closes, it can begin its cycle.

If the door lock is not completely seated correctly in place, the machine will stop mid-cycle to prevent personal injury or property damage.

Since not all appliances are created equal, this process may vary slightly between models, but nonetheless, you should still check in your manual to see if there are any special instructions for how to reset your washing machine if it comes to an abrupt halt for whatever reason.

Consult your washer’s diagram to determine whether the door lock has failed electrically, and test each of the door lock switches for continuity with a multimeter. In the event that one of the switches does not have continuity, replace it.

The Speed Queen washer is making a lot of noise

A common noise problem in front-loading washing machines is a noisy tub bearing. The bearing supports the inner tub and outer tub as they rotate.

If the bearing stops spinning freely and begins making a loud grinding/growling noise, it will need to be replaced. Different types of bearings are used on different models. Some are ball-bearings, others are full ceramic or even half ceramic with ball bearings in the other half.

The cost and difficulty of replacing this part often dictate whether we recommend you replace only the outer tub (which is much cheaper) or replace both the outer tub AND inner tub bearings together (more expensive).

The Speed Queen Washer does not agitate

The Agitator repair kit is designed to fix a number of problems that may occur with the washer’s agitator/cage. For instance, a broken drive block or worn-out bearings may affect how smoothly the agitator spins.

If it doesn’t spin at all, it can cause issues with your laundry when spraying and tumbling in the drum. Before replacing any kit ensure you have diagnosed the problem correctly so that you can replace only what needs to be replaced; this could save you money.

The Speed Queen Washer won’t turn on

Try pressing the buttons on the user control and display board to determine if it is defective. Replace the control and display board if some of the buttons work but others don’t.

If one of the lights on the component is working, but the rest are not, power needs to be checked; if power is present at this component but is still not operating, then continuity needs to be checked by testing its electronic connections.

The Speed Queen Washer is overflowing

The pressure switch shuts off the power to the water inlet valve when the proper water level is reached. If the pressure switch fails, the washer continues to fill.

This can be damaging for two reasons first because it can cause an overflow if the tub doesn’t have enough room and second because water pouring out of a wall or anywhere other than its designed path can cause serious damage to property.

Before replacing the pressure switch, one should check their air tube to make sure it is clear of debris. It’s also important to look for leaks here as well since that’s another potential cause of failure.

Speed queen washer Troubleshooting

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