Speed Queen Dryer Not Heating

Speed Queen Dryer Not Heating. Few things are more humiliating than finding your clothes wet after drying them in the dryer. There are actually many reasons for an electric or gas dryer not heating up correctly.

Some of these reasons would be that one’s circuit breaker is tripped, their vent may be clogged, and no gas flow could be occurring in their home due to displacement issues such as a faulty pressure switch.

Other possibilities could be a faulty thermal fuse and a broken heating element. If you gather your tools and follow this guide you may be able to do basic troubleshooting on your own and solve the problem of a dryer taking too long to dry clothing items nearly immediately.

Speed Queen Dryer Not Heating

speed queen dryer not heating

Speed Queen dryers can catch fire and this safety device is designed to protect the dryer from overheating.

In some cases, a thermal fuse that has exploded in a dryer is an indication of a blocked air vent from inside the house, which results in too much heat – it’s important to check that the venting is working effectively if this occurs.

We discuss some of the problems with Speed Queen dryers that do not heat here.

Heating Element Problem

One of the most important parts of a dryer’s operation is the heating element. The heating element controls how well air moves through the drum and how much heat gets transferred.

Over time, the heating element can wear out, resulting in a dryer that doesn’t get hot enough or takes too long to dry clothes.

Replacement of this component is necessary if it doesn’t work properly or if you notice signs that it’s wearing down.

Flame Sensor Issue

On a gas dryer, the flame sensor detects the heat emitted by the flame. If the flame sensor isn’t working, the dryer won’t heat.

During your inspection, to see if the flame sensor is functioning as it should, make sure that other parts like the igniter and thermal fuse are not damaged or defective either.

To determine if your flame sensor has any continuity before carrying out further checks, measure it at room temperature using your multimeter in order to verify whether it is working properly. If it is not, then replace it with a new one.

Igniter Failure

igniter failure

The igniter is the part of an electric dryer that uses electrical energy to ignite the gas burner or burners of the dryer.

The burner then heats the clothes in the drum and evaporates the water out of them, producing heat to complete the drying cycle.

If it appears that your igniter has burned out, this might not be too difficult to fix: you can use a multimeter to see if it still has continuity.

Solenoid For Gas Valve

Gas dryers have gas valve solenoid coils. The gas valves open the ports for gas to flow into the burner area. If one of them does not work, the unit will not heat up.

Use a volt-ohm to test the igniter to see if it fails before ignition. If there is no ignition, then one of the coil’s solenoids may be defective.

If more than one function doesn’t work in your gas valve coil unit, we recommend you replace it with another gas valve coil unit as a set.

Cause With Timer

When your dryer is not heating, it can be hard to locate the source of the problem.

If you look inside the machine, you may be able to find that the timer control isn’t working properly, but more often than not you will discover that something else is causing your dryer to malfunction.

Before taking apart your dryer, try checking other issues. If nothing else seems broken and none of the other components are malfunctioning.

Start testing each component individually by using a multimeter on each one and consult that machine’s wiring diagram while doing so – if any part has an issue replace it according to as needed.

Error With Cycling Thermostat

A cycling thermostat cycles the heat on and off to regulate the air temperature. If your dryer’s cycling thermostat is defective, you will notice that the dryer doesn’t heat.

However, this is rarely the case. Before replacing the cycling thermostat, check all of its component parts to make sure they are in working condition.

If other parts appear fine but your dryer still does not heat after you’ve completed several different tests for issues such as proper connection and tripped circuit breakers, then it’s safe to assume that it is time to replace the thermostat itself.

Assembly For Heating Element

assembly for heating element

The heating element assembly warms the air before it enters the dryer drum. Over time, the heating element can burn out, causing the dryer not to heat.

You can determine if the heating element assembly has burned out by using a multimeter to test it for continuity. If the heating element assembly does not have continuity, replace it.

Speed Queen Dryer Not Heating