Sharp Microwave Buttons Not Working

Sharp Microwave Buttons Not Working. Microwaves are definitely one of the most important appliances in every kitchen. Their usability is the main reason for their importance.

People, who own microwaves, use them all the time to warm food up for dinner or breakfast, make popcorn, water boil faster, and even bake cakes, etc.

However, we often encounter a humiliating problem that seems a bit difficult to handle we have no control over the microwave particularly when its buttons aren’t working.

So today we’ve decided to tell you about common reasons of how the touchpad stops working on your microwave and how you can fix it without any professional help but only with some things found in every kitchen.

Sharp Microwave Buttons Not Workingsharp microwave buttons not working (3)

We discuss some of the problems that sharp microwaves encounter when their buttons do not work here.

Control Panel Malfunctions

In most cases, when microwave buttons stop working, it is typically due to a defective control panel. If you wish to confirm whether or not this is the case, press each of the buttons on the control panel.

If some of the buttons are still functioning properly but others are not, you will have to replace the touchpad and the buttons that have stopped working because both works in sync with one another and thus do not function if either is damaged or faulty.

Membrane Switch Not Workingmembrane switch not working

Another reason why your microwave buttons may not be working is because of a faulty membrane switch. The membrane switch is commonly known as the touchpad or keypad and has multiple soft-touch electrical switches.

There’s a certain conductive coating on the touchpad that can become defective after repeated usage, so you’ll need to unplug the appliance and remove the cabinet.

Check for continuity between the membrane switch and the PCB with a multimeter by touching a probe lead to each pole on the touchpad, when it is pressed it should show a few ohms of resistance. It may be necessary to get it replaced if there isn’t a function.

Control board issue

Your microwave’s buttons may not be working if the control board is malfunctioning. If the touchpad doesn’t work but the display lights up, this may be due to a malfunction in your control board.

This part is what generates a low voltage signal which is sent through a membrane switch to your timer pad while cooking.

If your control board isn’t sending the right voltage, then you may need to replace it and it should take around half an hour to take out the unit and put in a new one.

Defective Touchpad

If you notice that the touchpad button isn’t working well, start by testing it to see if it is still functioning with each of the buttons. Check if any of the buttons are responding properly while others aren’t.


Is there a reset button on Sharp microwaves?

The CPU inside your Sharp microwave oven generates a temperature that is used to control your cooking program. The timer will reset the cooking program and if you perform a carousel reset, it will cancel what’s currently running.

If you’re experiencing a problem with your Sharp microwave oven, there are multiple things one can do to attempt to resolve this matter by resetting or canceling the current operation and then performing an action that clears ALL settings within the machine.

In what way does microwave power level work?

Microwave ovens work on ranges and another kitchen appliance, the convection oven. You may have probably noticed that the power levels for these appliances vary, but unfortunately, there’s no standard system for power level designations.

Power levels between microwaves can also differ because one brand may use higher-power ratings than the other simply to make the product seem more powerful or better.

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